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Aromatherapy for Dogs arrow Aromatherapy Dog Collar Companion -- Blue Recycled Cotton

Aromatherapy Dog Collar Companion -- Blue Recycled Cotton

( Daisy Paw )
Price per Unit (piece): $15.00

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These awesome essential oil Collar Companions make utilizing the great benifits of essential oils with your dog easy and safe!

Unlike other methods used to administer aromatherapy which can be messy, lingering, and ineffective, the design of the Collar Companion® allows you to use essential oils without any mess.

By placing the essential oils in the Collar Companion® and not on your skin or their fur, you can quickly change to a Collar Companion® to suit your needs without the previous scent lingering.

  • About 1" in circumfrance
  • Colored disk is made from recycled cotton
  • Come unscented so you can use your favorite essential oil
  • Durable and attractive 
  • Attaches to Mimi Green 5/8" and 1" collars

Instructions:  Drop in 1 to 2 drops of high quality essential oils into center of dog's diffuser.  Reapply when smell fades, between 1 and 2 days. 



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