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Custom and Designer Dog Collars Custom Dog Accessories
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Custom Dog Collars - Hande Made in the U.S.A










Whether your dog’s romping around the dog park, hanging out in the back yard or going for an evening stroll, your pup will look his or her best in custom dog collars and accessories by Mimi Green!

All of our collars and dog accessories are custom made, one at a time. Whether you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind collar for your special pooch or a cool hair bow, flower or bow tie to accentuate your dog’s unique style, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for at!

Chic Distinction
You won’t find collars like ours anywhere else! We use luscious fabrics that make use of scrumptious colors and hip designs. By utilizing a unique patchwork approach in all of our classic designs we create the ultimate in doggy couture!

We know you want your dog to be at the height of fashion. And we know that your dog will put his or her collars and custom dog accessories through the wringer! At Mimi Green, we not only create custom and designer dog collars that are chic and swanky, but tough and washable.

When you’re looking for the best apparel to show off your pup’s flair for fashion, look no further! At Mimi Green, we not only design the coolest dog gear around, but can create a collar that’s made just for your dog. Whether you need a custom size or want a personalized collar that’s hand-embroidered with your dog’s name, Mimi Green will make sure your dog is outfitted with a custom collar that’ll be the talk of the town!

Pamper your pooch with custom collars and dog accessories that reflect his or her individuality!



Dog Collars Hand Made & Trendy: Leashes, Accessories & More

Pet Supply and Dog Collars for the Fashion Forward Pooch

Bold. Shy. Playful. Protective.  No matter what your dog’s personality, Mimi Green has the perfect gear to show off your dog’s unique style! With designer collars, leashes, and accessories from Mimi Green, your pup will turn heads by sporting super cool gear that’s truly one-of-a-kind. At Mimi Green, you’re not just getting a personalized dog collar, but a little piece of art that reflects your dog’s individuality.

Tailored Dog Leashes & Accessories

Mimi Green collars, leashes and accessories are made one-at-a-time with your dog in mind. We carefully attend to all of our custom creations so that every piece we produce is truly a piece of doggy couture. In fact, no two Mimi Green dog collars are alike! No matter what size you need, Mimi Green can accommodate your needs.

Trendy Dog Leashes & Accessories

Mimi Green creations are the perfect blend of form and function. Using the highest quality designer fabric and contoured buckles that fit the shape of your dog’s neck—your dog will not only look good, but feel good wearing Mimi Green! Our fun and funky gear will make your dog the talk of the town!

Why Mimi Green Dog Boutique

Mimi Green personalized collars are not only cool, hip and beautiful—but strong and durable. Made from nylon webbing that can withstand over 3,100 pounds of pressure, our collars and leashes are tough!

When you are looking for the best pet supply and personalized collars around, look no further. Shop Mimi Green today to show your dog just how much you care!

Featured Custom Pet Collars

Mimi Green personalized pet collars are hand embroidered which means no two are alike. This personalized collar is totally unique to your dog – kind of like giving them a little piece of collar art!
Besides embroidering your dog’s name, we also add a heart, flower or star decoration to make the collar that much more special. When your dog wears a Mimi Green Personalized collar you can count on the fact that the collar is strong, unique, and super stylish!


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