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Medianoche Oilcloth Collar (Midnight)

( Mimi Green )
Price per Unit (piece): $29.99

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You: Like to buy your dog stylish, designer collars.

Your dog: Likes to lounge in wet grass, roll in mud, and take long swims.

Mimi Green: Designed an Oilcloth collar that combines both of your worlds -- style and durability!

Oilcloth, made of vinyl woven with cotton, is sturdy, waterproof and stain resistant. Even your dare devil dog can't destroy this collar!

Comes in 4 sizes, 1'' or 5/8" wide.

  • Made with¬†contoured buckles that fit the curves of your dog's neck,
  • Large gauge D-Rings
  • Oilcloth is sturdy, waterproof, and stain-resistant
  • Simply wash with a damp sponge and cool water (or for heavy soiling, machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle)

Medianoche /may-de-ah-no-chay/ = Midnight!

Make the other dogs Green with Envy!

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