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i have three dogs. this translates into three very dirty dog beds.

don't toss it - upcycle!

after one especially grueling trip to do laundry, i realized that I wanted a cover for the dogs' beds, like the one I have for my own bed. something durable, stylish, and easy to wash. the molly mutt dog duvet was born!
with the molly mutt dog duvet,
you don’t have to throw away your old bed:
just re-cover it.

molly mutt diy dog bed kits are an exciting new approach to keeping textiles out of our landfills. Cover your existing dog bed with the molly mutt dog duvet, or - here's the cool part - fill it with the old clothes and bedding you've got laying around your house. ready to toss those jams & one-eyed care bears from the mid-nineties? throw those in your new cover! Your dog gets a new bed, and you get a fun, easy way to recycle your old things - not to mention some extra space in your closet. (Need more ideas for duvet fillers? Click here!)

by adding our mesh “stuff sack” to the product line, we made it as simple as grabbing old soft stuff, throwing it in our mesh bag & covering it all up with your new classy molly mutt dog duvet. use one of our stuff sacks & throw in old blankets, t-shirts, and socks. combine your filled stuff sack with one of our dog duvets for a fashionable, new dog bed! By "upcycling" your household leftovers, you save money and help keep textiles out of the waste cycle. When the duvet itself wears out, it too can be used as part of the stuffing for a future diy dog bed.

since i am passionate about trend and design i wanted our duvet covers to be stylish, high quality and fun! by buying and keeping extra molly mutt duvet covers you can always have a clean change-or a different look. throw one in your suitcase when traveling to visit family or friends. Check out the gallery to see customer images of the molly mutt dog duvet in action!