20 Cute Dog Bandanas: 2021 Favorites List

Everyone loves to dress up sometimes – and your dog is no exception! Dog bandanas are a fun way to help your dog look their best. Having trouble finding the perfect bandana for your furry friend? We’ve come up with a list of our favorite personalized dog bandanas below!

1. Hand-Embroidered Linen Dog Bandanas

Want to give your furry friend a personalized gift? Gifting our linen personalized dog bandanas is the perfect way to show your pup you care. Get their name hand-embroidered onto the bandana and choose from nine different colors, including red and charcoal.

2. Quill Canvas Dog Bandana

This bandana is perfect for the inquisitive pup. The “Quill” pattern gives off a studious look and the rich dark blue color is classic and eye-catching. This designer canvas dog bandana, made by Rifle Paper Co., is comfortable and durable, made with double-layered canvas designed to last and endure your dog’s active lifestyle.

3. Red Linen Dog Bandana

This red linen dog bandana is stylish and classic, making it perfect for any occasion, whether you are taking a walk around the neighborhood or having a fun day at the dog park. What’s more, this linen bandana ties on and off easily, making wash day a breeze.

4. Aquaflor Canvas Dog Bandana

Another canvas dog bandana with a print designed by Rifle Paper Co., the Aquaflor canvas dog bandana is another bandana that makes our 2021 favorites list! The bright blues and greens, as well as the fun, floral print, are sure to turn heads during walks. Like our other canvas bandanas, the Aquaflor dog bandana is designed with durability in mind, thanks to the double-layered designer canvas.

5. Lush Velveteen Dog Bandanas

These bandanas are made from a lush velveteen that is double layered and designed to last. The bandanas are elegant and fancy, making it a great fashion accessory for a special occasion. Choose from 13 vibrant colors, including Bonsai Green and Shale Gray. There’s a color to fit every dog’s look and personality!

6. Journey Canvas Dog Bandana

If you and your pup have been bitten by the travel bug, this canvas dog bandana is perfect for your furry friend. The “Journey” print by Rifle Paper Co. resembles a map and is a unique accessory that will get compliments from the other dog owners at the dog park!

7. Lolli Canvas Dog Bandana

Another design by Rifle Paper Co., the Lolli Canvas dog bandana is designed with vibrant colors and fun shapes. This bandana is sure to turn heads at the dog park! This bandana is made with double layered designer canvas – just like our other canvas bandanas – so it has the ability to endure all of the adventures your dog partakes in. What’s more, it’s washable, so you can keep it looking new for as long as your dog wears it!

8. Parasol Sarape Beach Blanket Dog Bandana

This bandana gives off a Baja beach vibe and is designed with many rich, bright colors like various blue shades and magenta. The bandana is made in the USA with a thick double layered, extra thick designer velveteen that can withstand playtime for even the most active of dogs.

9. Service Dog Bandanas

Putting a service dog bandana on your dog is an effective way to show others that your dog is busy at work and sends the signal that they should be treated as such. Our service dog bandanas come in a bright red color and are made from a 55% linen and 45% cotton blend that is double layered for a nice weight and durability.

10. Sol Canvas Dog Bandana

This canvas dog pattern has a classic striped print that is perfect for summer. The stripes are a bright, vibrant yellow and white making for an eye-catching design that will make your dog’s eye’s pop. Most dogs get dirty during playtime, but never fear – this bandana ties on and off easily for a seamless washing experience.

More of Our Favorite Dog Bandanas

Below are some of our other favorite bandanas, ones that are notably for girl dogs, boy dogs, and small dogs!

Girl Dog Bandanas

A fun, feminine dog collar is perfect for your girl dog! Here are some of our favorite girl dog bandanas.

1. Corsage Canvas Dog Bandana

This floral print called “Corsage”, designed by Rifle Paper Co., makes for a beautiful, girly dog bandana! The 100% cotton canvas material is thick, durable, and sturdy. What’s more, it’s washable, so it will look great as long as you own it.

2. Peachy Pink Solid Flannel Dog Bandana

This peachy pink color is playful and fun, making it perfect for the girliest of pups! Handmade in the USA, this bandana is made from a durable, double-layered flannel material and is just as warm as it is adorable! This bandana is 100% washable, so the color will stay as bright and beautiful as the first day your dog wears it.

3. Playa Sarape Beach Blanket Dog Bandana

This fun and breezy bandana gives off a beachy summer vibe. The “Playa” print comes in beautiful colors like pink and purple, making it a stylish option for your girl dog. Is the bandana sandy after a day playing at the dog beach? No worries – this bandana slides on and off the collar, making for easy laundering.

Small Dog Bandanas

Our bandanas come in multiple sizes and we make bandanas that fit even the smallest of pups! Here are just a few of our small dog bandanas we love:

1. Tan Taos Flannel Dog Bandana

Our Taos flannel dog bandana in the tan-colored pattern is adorable and cozy. The southwestern print will have your dog looking stylish and will make them the star of the dog park. This bandana is available in our small size, with a 6- to 12-inch neck size.

2. Red Buffalo Plaid Flannel Dog Bandana

Perfect for the winter months, this cozy flannel bandana offers a cozy, woodsy look. This bandana also comes in a small size with a 6- to 12-inch neck size and the pattern comes in four other colors, including green and blue.

3. Feminist Dog Bandana

Made in the USA by strong, capable women, this feminist dog bandana is available in a 6- to 12-inch neck size for small dogs. The bandana is striking and eye-catching, with bold gold lettering against a chic black fabric.

Boy Dog Bandanas

Boy dog owners: these bandanas are tough, stylish, and perfect for your furry friend!

1. Green Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana

Our green buffalo plaid bandana is a stylish and adorable option for your boy dog. The pattern gives off a boyish, lumberjack-esque aesthetic and has a double layered, extra thick flannel design, making it durable enough for even the most active pups.

2. Camo Green Dog Bandana

Our camo green dog bandana is perfect for the toughest, most adventurous pups! This classic print will always be in style and the easy tie on makes this bandana easy to remove and wash when needed.

3. Cadet Blue Velveteen Dog Bandana

This lush velveteen dog bandana is fancy and perfect for special occasions. The material is washable and designed with a double-layered, extra thick velveteen material, keeping durability in mind. The Cadet Blue is a classic and eye-catching color that will turn heads during walks!

Give Your Pup Something They’ll Love

Not only are our Mimi Green bandanas stylish, but they are durable as well, making them perfect for everyday wear. Shop our wide selection of dog bandanas and find one that perfectly fits your dog’s unique personality!

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