Finally, Metal Buckles that we really LIKE!

metal engraved personalized buckle dog collars

We found the sweetest new metal buckles! They are half metal, half plastic which means they are super lightweight (just about the same weight as a plastic buckle) and they don’t have any moving parts that can break.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are HOT on our collars!

We started selling them on all of our collars a few weeks ago and today we launched these metal buckles with engraving!

I am wild over our plastic engraved buckle dog collars, so having them in metal is super exciting. Right now you can get the metal engraved buckles on our
18 colors of webbing, very soon they will be available on our classic, oilcloth, and velvet dog collars.

engraved metal dog collar buckles

I love the personalized buckles on these collars because you don’t have to worry about dog tags getting lost (and it eliminates jingling tags!!) all the info that is on your dog tag fits right on the collar buckle.  You can even include your dog’s microchip number, vets number or vaccination info.

engraved dog collar buckleI hope that you all like these collars as much as I do. It has been quite a journey, but I think we have truly found the best metal dog collar buckle on the market.