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Banana Republic Ring Switch-a-Roo


Totally loving this shot that Dan took of my Key Wristlet. See how it stays on? I don't know what I have done without it my whole life.

I also love how my new ring looks in this photo– I can't believe how awesome it is! Yes, I wear a different wedding ring everyday. I can't commit to just one and we didn't get married in a church where the rings were blessed, so really, what is wrong with wanting them to match my outfit? Dan doesn't seem to mind, he was pretty nuts about this new ring too.

And you will never believe it, I sure didn't, but it is from Banana Republic.  I find lots of my switch-a-roos there, they look so expensive and people are constantly complimenting me on them. Plus Banana is having a major sale right now, wait till you see the bracelet I got for $13!

Last photo of how it doesn't fall off– and I have tiny hands. 
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Now off for my run — it is suddenly FREEZING in New Mexico! Gotta go get my ear warmers on!

Rare-ness and Coupon!

Guess what?


Rare Bird Finds featured us this morning!

Usually I'd say we were more like a, gosh what is common around here, um a Road Runner, but today we get to be a Rare Bird! 

Amanda, who happens to be the genius behind Little Pies, wrote about our Etta collar today on the site and we are so flattered.

Another awesome thing today…

The website is Live! Finally! I feel like I have given birth again or something! 

For all my blog readers I have a first week coupon–

Besides our sets being 10% off all month, here is a coupon for an additional 10% off.

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Later today we will highlight the rest of our vendors who include:


Good Clean Dog

Little Pies

Red Dingo Tags

They are super awesome so please come check us out!