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Mimi Green in a new light

I have so many customer photos to post soon, but I wanted to show everyone the AWESOME photos from Winston's mom, the genius behind EE Photography


(Mimi Green Hunter Collar, leash and Bow)

I still haven't seen Winston in his collar yet, but his mom Erin was nice enough to post these photos on her blog. If you live in the Abilene, Texas area and need a photographer, give Erin a call. She not only rocks as a photographer but is just the sweetest person.

I've never seen Mimi Green look so good! I wish I could sit Erin down and pick her brain for a few days ๐Ÿ˜‰

Limited Edition Dog Collars!

Tomorrow at about 10MDT we are going to roll out the first of our
limited edition dog collars! Each one will be hand embroidered and in runs of only 25 of each design.
This is the first part of many exciting things we will be doing for the Christmas season.
Here is a sneak peak of design #1:
Elenore detail

We are selling these Mimi Green creations for $22.50 which is a bit more than are normal stock, but these limited editions are darn cool if I don't say so myself;)

I messed up on the first prototype and tried to remove the embroidery thread only to find out that even cut from both sides, this thread didn't want to come out! This totally annoyed me because I spent 20 minutes furiously pulling each strand out, but made me really happy since I am now assured that even a rough playing dog will not be able to destroy the embroidery.

I can't wait to show the photos of Etta modeling one, it looks way hip on!

Oh and this one is called the "Elenore" since it reminds me a lot of Lesilie's doggie. Here is a picture of her in case you forgot what she looks like:elenore the lab

Goofy lady!