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Meet Paris and Zoey, fashionistas extraordinaire

OMG, these photos make me so happy!  Here is Paris totally decked out in Mimi Green. Her momma is Carol of  Bloomingtails  Dog Boutique which is a super cool on-line dog shop you should check out if you haven't already.  


Can you even believe Carol's garden?? I love the flowers — we have nothing like that here in NM.

This is Paris's sister Zoey. Way too cute for words right??



Next week when we get our new doggie hair bows in — yes I am totally letting the cat out of the bag early because I am so excited about them! They match our collars — I am going to style my hair like Zoey's πŸ˜‰   I'm sure mine won't be as cute though…

Puppies on Parade

I love when customers send in photos of their dogs  wearing  Mimi.
Meet Millie, she belongs to Elizabeth:                                                       July 4th Pictures 008 

Cosmo who belongs to Kimber of Great Scott

Lucy (and baby Ian) who both belong to Molly


Shiva, whom Carol at Wires n’ Pliers bought this Matilda Collar for…Shiva3

And Kaya, whose Momma Mari was one of my first customers!Kaya2

It is a total pick me up to see “customers” (hehe) wearing my designs. And I sooo need a pick me up today! It has been kind of a tough week so far. Not having the security of a full time job and missing my co-workers has really been getting to me. But I know this will pass, I’ve said it once and I will say it again, quitting a job is like breaking up with a boyfriend. Maybe worse…hummm…

And speaking of pick me ups, although Starbucks is closing 500 locations somehow I am lucky enough to have one (with a drive thru no less) opening up just blocks away. Plus it is right by the entrance to the freeway! This is going to be hard on the pocketbook, I can already see it!