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One good thing about working at a news distribution service on Christmas night was that I had 10 hours of uninterrupted time to do whatever I wanted.

And look what I did.


My aunt Lisa finally had her baby on the 23rd and she gave her a name the 25th — Sofia Louise after my grandma.  So night before last I sat in my cubicle with my embroidery hoop and a jar full of thread sewing away.

All went well till it was time to go home and assemble the bib. Apparently staying awake all day Tuesday and then coming to work and staying up all night wasn’t good for my motor skills.  It took me near 4 hours to make the bias trim, sew it on and wrap the gift up.

But here is my favorite part—


It has arm holes so that she can’t move it and accidentally get her shirt dirty. I know how important this feature is as Auggie will remove any article of clothing that isn’t tied onto him.  And even then its likely that he will get it off, but that is another blog for a different day…

On the way to see her it occurred to me that there was a way easier strategy to making the bib. I hate how I over think things sometimes.  I just need to remember that this was the prototype. I’ll make her another one when I get the recipe down pat, not that she notices my sloppy stitching and uneven bias work, but still. Her parents must have thought I was drunk when I made it. Yes, it was that bad.


Sofia is super cute as you can see from this picture of the back of her head. Meanwhile, I am super tired looking, but I swear it isn’t as bad as it looks. I am getting quite a bit of sleep which was confirmed when my aunt told me that she was up with a crying Sofia all night long. That has yet to happen to me with Auggie.

Thank God for small miracles. 

Self Portrait, Age 26

In the wake of my 26th birthday (Sat, yahoo!) I have flown  into reflection mode.  How things have changed this year. If I would have made predications based on my state this time last year, I would have said that the year was going to be horrible.

Au contrer mon ami. 

If all the years in my life were in competition for who was the best thus far, 2007 would win. Here is why:

1. Auggie was born.

I cried an awful lot last December. I had the baby blues somthing bad and no puppy or $500 esspresso machine or new furniture could make it stop. I really tried to bandaid it though.

In January I found out that I was pregnant.  Next to my wedding day, this was the happiest day of my life.

It literally feels like a miricle that Auggie, only one short year later, is here— flesh and blood here. I didn’t think that he existed, not this year or any year. And not only has he made an appreance, but he is amazing. He is perfect. He is all mine.

2. I quit smoking.

Woohoo! I will live to be a very  tawdry version of myself and damn my skin will look good.  More importanly, I will be around to teach the grandkids about the importance of drinking good coffee, creating every day, and the power in buying handmade.

Oh, and I get to see Dan as an old man. he he.

3.  I fell in love with my husband all over again.

Wasn’t sure that we were going to make it through the first year of marriage, but we did it and are way more crazy about each other than ever before. No pain no gain, eh?

He lets me be me. And he like me too. Couldn’t get any better than that.

4. We moved into an amazing house and got really cool jobs.

Love the new pad– there is so much room for all of us now. I must point out that the decorator was impecable. 🙂

Both Dan and I work as editors, he during the day and I at night. It works out perfectly. Noah and Auggie always have one of us home and what can I say, I like the night life.

5. I fell in love with sewing all over again.

I create, therefore I am. Anyway, that is what I tell myself for validation. It had just been so long and it felt so unbelievely good the first time I pulled something off my machine that was real. I always defined myself as an artist but I had to re-evaluate after I hadn’t created any art in months. I thought that I had lost myself. It is really fantastic seeing that part of me come back to life.


6. Lastly, and maybe most importanly, I am so healthy now. And I am sure that it is due to the 5 forementioned things that I have to be happy about.

Now I shall leave you with this: 

"There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction." 

~Salvador Dali

Here Goes…

okay, I’m switching over from blogspot, so let me introduce myself.

I’m not Mimi, I’m Amanda. Mimi is a blanket. She is green, hand knit,  and strangely, super scratchy– well scratchy as far as blankets go.  She got mailed to us in 1989 from our great aunt right before the birth of my little sister. To my mom’s disgust, this was the blanket that my sister fell in love with. Not the super cute cuddly pink blankets that my grandma (a super talented seamstress) made or the beauties my mom crochet. No,  instead she loved rubbing the corner of this odd blanket on her little nose to fall asleep which was shocking since the texture of the blanket almost hurt your hands just to pick it up. Eventually she unraveled all the corners and my father’s aunt had to make her a new one.  No one ever told her there was two.  She had a love affair with Mimi Green and would except no substitutes.  Today she is nearing 20 years old and she still sleeps with Mimi– to her boyfriend’s chagrin of course.   

No, I’m not really Mimi, but when I get behind my sewing machine I want to become her.  Yeah I’m a bit rough around the edges, but loved none the less.

Having Mimi around taught me so much about life. She showed me that being gifted handmade items is a luxury. I admired Mimi because she spoke volumes about the eye of the beholder, a lesson that has become so important in my adult life. How something as simple as a green, scratchy, bordering ugly blanket made its way into a little girl’s heart was beautiful to watch. 

When I gave birth to my latest son all I could think about was making him a Mimi Green. The thoughts consumed me.  So many of my childhood memories had Mimi in them. The more I thought about it the more I realized that everyone needs  a Mimi in their lives. We all want to feel that security that we felt with our blankies as children. I want to feel that warm, tingly, happiness all day, and damnit I deserve it!

So I got behind the machine and haven’t really gotten up from that spot since.  I want to give my baby Mimi as a blanket. I want Mimi to be a super cool apron, a stylish pillow, comfy PJ pants.

Last weekend my husband worked on making my studio livable (finally!) I copied this wonderful table idea from Emily at Orange Beautiful and it is working out quite perfectly. One side for cutting, the other for sewing. Oh and a place for my seven year old Noah to furiously work on his measuring tape skills. Chicks dig guys with measuring tape skills.


Dan Also built me a hanger for the fabrics I am currently working with. I am a totally visual person so this helps a great deal.  It’s so nice to have an artist as a husband. He gets me.

So In this lovely area hopefully Mimi will come alive again.  I’m so glad you are here to watch the journey.