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Bella Creature Comforts Joins Shop Mimi Green along with 5 Others!

This week has been mad I tell you! Well, so was last week for that matter. Now that the site is up I keep thinking of little things to do to it, like invite new vendors to join me.

Now we are up to 6 total vendors:


And finally, for now, Bella Creature Comforts who we just got yesterday:

Maybe I am just a freak, but I so want to bath in Good Clean Dog products, wear Cookie Moon Splash as my perfume, I bought a Red Dingo tag for my self (key chain bling), I want to munch those Little Pies treats, and I want a Big Bella Bed to curl up and read a book in.

I prob wouldn't wear a Mimi Green Collar or Leash, but I am using the MImi Key Fob like crazy. I gave one to Kim who now says she needs a Mimi Bracelet since she is virtually using her Fob as a bracelet at this point!
I love the two rings, which is Kim's brain child, because I can hang my Red Dingo off the top one and my keys off the bottom. Another great use? Hanging a coin purse off the top so you can carry your cards, license, etc. and not have to lug a bag. Now if I could just figure out how to hang my iPhone….

Secret Squirrels, Mint Mojitos, How Do You Like Them Apples — Little Pies Organic Dog Treats for Sale at Mimi Green!

How awesome is this– Etsy seller, Little Pies (pronounced Peas, it is polish for dog) has agreed to work with us to sell their amazing dog treats on our new website! The genus behind these treats is Amanda Toris, who not only has the same first name as me but the same birthday. I have never met her, but just by hearing that I figure she is a pretty amazing lady. Oh and beautiful, probably really beautiful. hehe.
Squirel, little pies
These are called 'Secret Squirrels' and they look just like something my Etta would like. She could kill a squirrel without actually killing a squirrel (she is much to gentle to do the real thing)
And these look like treats my Cessie would like. Mint Mojito for the dog who'd rather be sitting by the pool munching Mojito treats than chasing squirrels in the back yard! Hell, I'd eat these, they look delish!

Not only would I eat them, but I could. They are made from all natural, organic foods that you can find in your normal Whole Foods.  Plus she adds flax seed oil and Vitamin E which both do wonders for your dog's coat, overall health, and longevity.

Over the weekend I made Amanda's Breath Buster Treats (which you can find on HGTV.com but instead of mint I used peanut butter. And then I cut them into doggie shapes and dipped them in carob (chocolate substitute that dogs can eat)

Etta was in heaven, Cessie too but she isn't a good judge since she seems to like ALL food.

I can't wait to get the real Little Pies treats though– I am getting hungry looking at this photo: Apples

You will be able to purchase Little Pies Organic Dog Treats ($6-$11) on www.ShopMimiGreen.com next week. We are so super close to being done and going live. Stayed tuned, I may surprise you and be up and running and second!