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Bella Creature Comforts Joins Shop Mimi Green along with 5 Others!

This week has been mad I tell you! Well, so was last week for that matter. Now that the site is up I keep thinking of little things to do to it, like invite new vendors to join me.

Now we are up to 6 total vendors:


And finally, for now, Bella Creature Comforts who we just got yesterday:

Maybe I am just a freak, but I so want to bath in Good Clean Dog products, wear Cookie Moon Splash as my perfume, I bought a Red Dingo tag for my self (key chain bling), I want to munch those Little Pies treats, and I want a Big Bella Bed to curl up and read a book in.

I prob wouldn't wear a Mimi Green Collar or Leash, but I am using the MImi Key Fob like crazy. I gave one to Kim who now says she needs a Mimi Bracelet since she is virtually using her Fob as a bracelet at this point!
I love the two rings, which is Kim's brain child, because I can hang my Red Dingo off the top one and my keys off the bottom. Another great use? Hanging a coin purse off the top so you can carry your cards, license, etc. and not have to lug a bag. Now if I could just figure out how to hang my iPhone….

Paper or Plastic?

I am pretty sure that I just went through the most complicated process of all time — applying for a merchant account.  However, on a positive note, Mimi Green now accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and we are in the Discover Network. Yahoo! VISA MASTERCARD LOGO

What does this mean to our customers? Well it means that they won’t have to go get a PayPal account to purchase things through our store. And to me, well to me it means that I have a real, live business on my hands. 

I will spare you the boring details, but getting an Internet merchant status is near impossible. And it should be I suppose. 

Once in college I had just gotten my financial aid dispersement and I went camera shopping on the Internet. Found one on Ebay whose price was literally too good to be true. I sent the man the money only to find out that he had broken into someone else’s Ebay account and was now long gone with my $700.  

People like that ruin it for the rest of us who just want to sell their handmade dog collars hassle free. But after all that I am feeling better about buying things from anyone with a Authorize.net 

badge on their site. This means to me that the seller had to give a blood sample, a DNA test, pass a lie detector, all while hopping continuously on one foot. At one point I think I promised my first born to the bank if I commit any on-line fraud;) 

So now that everyone know for 1000000% sure that I am not going to rip them off they will come…right?

Speaking of Mastercards, last year we were on a plane there was no room to sit by me so Noah had to sit 2 asiles away. He told the man next to him that his daddy has a Master’s degree and then proceeded to say that his mommy has a Mastercard, “Right Mommy, you have a Mastercard?” He shouted across the plane as if it was quite an accomplishment.  I’m not going to be adding that one to my top ten list any time soon, but the fact that I got through the acceptance process to accept Mastercard, now that is what I call an accomplishment!