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Mimi Green, Jonathan Papelbon, MSPCA and Gucci?? Say what?!

This month we had the honor of dressing a dog for the fashion show at the MSPCA-Angell Animal Tales Gala.  The Gala raised a whopping $481,000 for Boston's MSPCA!

 Not only did we get to dress sweet Lucille in the fashion show, but Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon and his wife Ashley waked her down the runway! 

Jonathan Papelbon & Mimi Green dog

Boston's WCVB’s news reporter and anchor, Randy Price announced, 

First we welcome Red Sox pitcher Jonathan Papelbon and his wife Ashley walking the beautiful Lucille, whose accessories tonight are by Mimi Green and Gucci.

Excuse me, were the words "Mimi Green" and "Gucci" used in the same sentence?!?! Heck yes they were! And to top it off "Jonathan Papelbon" too!!??

Jonathan Papelbon Red Sox & Mimi Green Leash / harness

Here's Lucille with the shelter staff. The MSPCA does great work for animals in their community and we felt so happy and honored to be able to help in the small way we did. 

MSPCA, Mimi Green, Jonathan Papelbon

(photos by Bill Brett and Topher Cox and beautiful Lucielle is wearing the Fidora Harness and Leash )




Mimi Green in a new light

I have so many customer photos to post soon, but I wanted to show everyone the AWESOME photos from Winston's mom, the genius behind EE Photography


(Mimi Green Hunter Collar, leash and Bow)

I still haven't seen Winston in his collar yet, but his mom Erin was nice enough to post these photos on her blog. If you live in the Abilene, Texas area and need a photographer, give Erin a call. She not only rocks as a photographer but is just the sweetest person.

I've never seen Mimi Green look so good! I wish I could sit Erin down and pick her brain for a few days 😉

Hello stranger!

So I've been missing in action for awhile now, I know. Although I've said it before, my absence was for good reason.

Reason #1:

We hired a new staff. First few folks didn't work out, but 3rd time was the charm. Jessi started working with us about 6 weeks ago and we just adore her.  (Hope she doesn't mind that I stole this photo of her off Facebook!)Jessi


I could say that I have been so busy training her about all things Mimi Green and that is the reason I haven't blogged, but that is so far from the truth.  After the first week Jessi was rocking and rolling. Mr. Miller said she is going to be better at making collars than we are soon! We love her. She is not allowed to quit, ever. It was a bit stressful, okay a lot stressful, to hire lots of new people. It took up a lot of my attention and I thank God that is over for now.

Reason #2:

I have gone on a redecorating spree. The house looks like someone else's house — and I have been keeping it clean! I couldn't figure out how to balance kids / husband/ business / house but now I think I am getting the hang of it.  Only took me 9 years!






Here are some views of our bedroom. I can't get enough of it. It is my first bedroom that feels like it belongs to a grown up. We also have been working on the yard:

  • IMG_6021
  • IMG_6038


 See, check me out, I did my laundry AND hung it outside!  



Reason #4

I kinda got a 4th dog! IMG_5757



Meet Coraline Jackson-Miller. I didn't exactly mean to get a 4th dog, but I did and we love her. She might take a plane ride to MN to live with Dan's family who are looking for a dog, but we will see. We are getting pretty attached;)

Reason #5, and the biggest reason for not blogging…

We designed a ton of new stuff! You can see our 2009 Holiday Gear on our site here100x-mastree



New Fall line here: 

And lots of new colors of flowers!Orangeandlemon There are some other new Mimi Green designs on the way, but those I will keep under wraps. Until next time, and I promise it won't be months this time!

Mimi Green on Pet Sugar!

Pet sugar

Check out our PopCorn Flowers on Pet Sugar's July Must Haves!

If you don't read Pet Sugar you should give it a try. Super fun dog stuff. And while you are at it, check out Casa Sugar, Pop Sugar, Buzz Sugar, Bella Sugar, FIt Sugar, Lil Sugar, Yum Sugar.. should I go on?  You get the point, they have a ton of websites for every interest and all of them are super to look at/ read.

We are so honored to be a July Must Have!

Meet Paris and Zoey, fashionistas extraordinaire

OMG, these photos make me so happy!  Here is Paris totally decked out in Mimi Green. Her momma is Carol of  Bloomingtails  Dog Boutique which is a super cool on-line dog shop you should check out if you haven't already.  


Can you even believe Carol's garden?? I love the flowers — we have nothing like that here in NM.

This is Paris's sister Zoey. Way too cute for words right??



Next week when we get our new doggie hair bows in — yes I am totally letting the cat out of the bag early because I am so excited about them! They match our collars — I am going to style my hair like Zoey's 😉   I'm sure mine won't be as cute though…

We love our customers!


Meet Gretel.  She is super fancy in her Tangerine (Harpo) Collar and Lollipop Flower, right?


Her mamma is Brown Eyed Fox and she was kind enough to write about us on her AWESOME blog this week. If you haven't read her blog, run over there and do so. I love the photos, the design, and the writing.  I am totally addicted and although I wasn't going to ad any more blogs to my Google Reader (I have way too many to read everyday!) I had to add hers.

If you want to look as beautiful as Gretel you can buy the collar here and the flower here 😉

The All Consuming Doggie Shirt

So I've been gone for awhile and part of the reason is these new shirts. I have been designing, adjusting, adding, photographing and messing with these shirts for weeks.

Here is a photo of the most recent incarnation:
mimi green dog shirt with ruffle

It is like a shirt, but also like a dress. Here is Zoe wearing it at the Spring Pugnic.

zoe pug shirt

Everything she wears looks good, but I am pretty impressed with the shirt — finally!

In a few weeks we will be offering the collar to match this shirt. That turned out way cute too.

pugs shirts

I don't have a great photo of Zack in his alphabet shirt, but you can kinda see how handsome he looked in this photo. That pug behind him, I almost stole that guy. He was the cutest! And he had just undergone plastic surgery to remove some of his face wrinkles because he was getting infections. He was going around telling everyone that he had a little freshening up done for the Pugnic. Either way, he was the cutest! 😉

Back to the shirts– I am not sure that I am describing them well. I call the letter shirt the Alphabet Shirt, but really it is the Initial Shirt since the customer chooses the dogs first initial for us to sew on. I think people don't know that they choose the letter! What do you think?

You can get this beautiful shirt here.

Mimi Green in her natural environment….

I've been wanting to post these photos for over a month now and just haven't had time!  I met Nicole at     3 Dogs and a Chick  when I fell in love with her Adopt a Dog Shirts (witch I now own!) She placed a wholesale order with us and we have developed a great friendship!  Someday I want to go out to Ft. Walton Beach Fl to see her fabulous shop. Until then, I have these photos — doesn't her store make Mimi look so good!?

Mimigreen2 Mimigreen1

These next photos are from before she started carrying Mimi, but I want you to see how cute the store is


Also, you MUST go to Nicole's etsy shop to check out her treats, there are lots of new ones for St. Patrick's Day!

We have a Winner!


All your entries…

Noah mixing them all up (while Etta and Auggie help;) The one sitting on Auggie's bouncer is blank, Noah chose that one first, how a blank one ended up in there who knows!IMG_8234

Then Noah's dirty little hands chose a winner! And she has a very beautiful name. hehe.

Auggie clapped. The whole thing made him very happy. Afterward we let him play with the entries and he dumped them ALL over my studio. It was okay with me since he had such a good time doing it, its just paper afterall 😉 (at least that is how I explained it to my husband!)

Congrats Amanda and thank you to everyone who entered. We will do this again very soon.

Here Goes…

okay, I’m switching over from blogspot, so let me introduce myself.

I’m not Mimi, I’m Amanda. Mimi is a blanket. She is green, hand knit,  and strangely, super scratchy– well scratchy as far as blankets go.  She got mailed to us in 1989 from our great aunt right before the birth of my little sister. To my mom’s disgust, this was the blanket that my sister fell in love with. Not the super cute cuddly pink blankets that my grandma (a super talented seamstress) made or the beauties my mom crochet. No,  instead she loved rubbing the corner of this odd blanket on her little nose to fall asleep which was shocking since the texture of the blanket almost hurt your hands just to pick it up. Eventually she unraveled all the corners and my father’s aunt had to make her a new one.  No one ever told her there was two.  She had a love affair with Mimi Green and would except no substitutes.  Today she is nearing 20 years old and she still sleeps with Mimi– to her boyfriend’s chagrin of course.   

No, I’m not really Mimi, but when I get behind my sewing machine I want to become her.  Yeah I’m a bit rough around the edges, but loved none the less.

Having Mimi around taught me so much about life. She showed me that being gifted handmade items is a luxury. I admired Mimi because she spoke volumes about the eye of the beholder, a lesson that has become so important in my adult life. How something as simple as a green, scratchy, bordering ugly blanket made its way into a little girl’s heart was beautiful to watch. 

When I gave birth to my latest son all I could think about was making him a Mimi Green. The thoughts consumed me.  So many of my childhood memories had Mimi in them. The more I thought about it the more I realized that everyone needs  a Mimi in their lives. We all want to feel that security that we felt with our blankies as children. I want to feel that warm, tingly, happiness all day, and damnit I deserve it!

So I got behind the machine and haven’t really gotten up from that spot since.  I want to give my baby Mimi as a blanket. I want Mimi to be a super cool apron, a stylish pillow, comfy PJ pants.

Last weekend my husband worked on making my studio livable (finally!) I copied this wonderful table idea from Emily at Orange Beautiful and it is working out quite perfectly. One side for cutting, the other for sewing. Oh and a place for my seven year old Noah to furiously work on his measuring tape skills. Chicks dig guys with measuring tape skills.


Dan Also built me a hanger for the fabrics I am currently working with. I am a totally visual person so this helps a great deal.  It’s so nice to have an artist as a husband. He gets me.

So In this lovely area hopefully Mimi will come alive again.  I’m so glad you are here to watch the journey.