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Tijeras Open Air Market LOVE , XO

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Tijeras Open Air Market. The list of artists looked impressive, but I wasn't sure if being so far away would be good for drawing a crowd. I was so wrong. We were there yesterday on a slow day (the weather was yucky in town) and the crowd was still phenomenal.
Shoppers seemed so happy to be there and were ready to shop. I felt like they did, I was in such a good mood just for being there. The landscape is stunning in Tijeras and it felt so good to get out of the city and into the fresh, clean air in the mountains.


This was the awesome view from my booth. The booths are already set up, and if you do more than one day you can just put the canvas walls down and leave your tables on site. Makes set up so much easier!
Anna King is the owner of Just Imagine Gallery and the Tijeras Open Air Market. She was an absolute joy to work with — not like other gallery owners I have encountered in my time! In fact half the day went by without me even knowing she was the owner.  I guess I was looking for an uptight, upset, pushy person walking around and instead the owner was so easy going, doing the hula-hoop with another artist! This was a much needed breath of fresh air!  (Please excuse me if you are a gallery owner. I'm sure you aren't all nervous, pretentious people, but I have had some bad experiences with the gallery folk being down to earth)


Here is my sis Paula working hard for Mimi Green.
The morning didn't start out so well, but Paula saved the day. First I got up an hour late, we arrived with 20 minutes to set up, and then all my ideas for how I was going to hang the photos fell apart. Finally Paula thought out of the box and made them all hang from the rope we were using as a clothes line (which was Kim's fantastic idea!) We only got to hang like half of the photos I framed and matted, but that was okay because if I had been there alone none of them would have been hung! Paula was awesome, a natural.

Kim came over Friday and helped me figure out displays. She made this super cool one in the basket. Key fobs are hanging from the sides and there are collar and leash sets inside. Noah pained the frames for me– I thought he did such a good job! I love how he takes interest in my silly projects.

I got to give treats to a super cute Chow named Chewbacca and a gorgeous standard poodle named Poodle;) And I sold lots of tags, collars, and 1 key fab and bought two perfumes from the Laughing Turtle Soap Co. –  They make fantastic body products that are all natural which means I can use them which makes me super happy!

All in all a fantastic day. I can't wait till next year so I can sign up early and do all the Tijeras Open Air Markets. They start in May and run till Oct.

Ponoko, John McCain Jewelry, and Tijeras Open Air Market — in no specific order

I really love when I think of the perfect piece of furniture that would just complete my living room. I really HATE that I usually can't find it to buy nor do I know how to go about making it myself.

Those days are over. Today I read about Ponoko.com where you can either photograph or scan in a drawing of what you might want and Ponoko will tell you how much it will cost for them to make it for you. Better than just that, they will make it right here in the U.S.
Making a piece of furniture is just the tip of the ice burg.

Do you need a John McCain necklace? Ponoko can make you one, as strange as it is.


A new lampshade that you designed? A solar powered remove control truck? If you can dream it, Ponoko can make it.

And as and added bonus, after Ponoko produces it they will help you to sell it if you so wish. They will even show you how to cut costs.  There isn't much this company can't make and because of that, you will feel like the King of the World. Trust me here.

I wonder if they can make robots that can help sew. I am sitting under a heap of fabric getting ready for the Open Air Markert i am doing this weekend in Tijeras, NM. If you are in NM you should come on out. It looks way fun, music, food, lots of art– good times. 10-5 Sat. and Sunday although I think Mimi will only be there Sat. That is all I can handle I think!


I have never done a show where I have my own tent. Kim printed a ton of photos for me of the 7 crazy dog shoot  and I am going to hang those for decoration and inspiration.

I will post photos on Sunday– wish me luck!