Chilewich Shag Even Stripe Rug — 2 colors


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Chilewich Shag Even Stripe Rug — 2 colors


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Choose from 3 sizes, this shag mat will add both a pop of color and a great mess catcher to the front of your dog crate, under your feeding dishes, or in front of your door.

Chilewich shag rugs are made my tufting vinyl into loops making it quick to dry, mold and mildew resistant and easily washable.  Caught a big mess on your rug> No problem! Take it outside, hose it off and presto! Clean again! Whites stay white year after year with this long lasting durable rug.

Better yet? These rugs are made in the USA and the fibers are natural cellulose fibers which are 100% phthalate-free and contain 25% renewable vegtable content which means they are good for your and your dog!

NOTE: Stripes run parallel to the long side on doormats and big mats, and parallel to the short side on the utility mats.

Product care:

Vacuum, shake out or hose off with water to clean. Hang to dry.

Good in all weather. Quick to dry. Mold, mildew and chlorine resistant. Chilewich vinyl products contain Microban® Antimicrobial protection.

Do not lay on top of rubber floor or place objects made of rubber on top of the mat. Discoloration of the mat or floor may occur.

We recommend that you occasionally lift, move and air out your shag mat. Although our shag mats are mold-resistant, the flooring underneath them may not be.

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