Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Owners & Dog Lovers

If you are anything like me, you always struggle with what gift to give your friends and family every holiday season. You want something unique and special, something guaranteed to bring a smile to your special someone’s face. It can be difficult to think of something that someone wants that they wouldn’t have thought to get themselves, especially as an adult. However, if your friends are also like me and obsessed with their dog, we have a couple of easy solutions.

Top 11 Christmas Presents & Secret Santa Gifts for Dog Lovers

engraved christmas dog collar eve

1. Felt Dog Collar Flower

Perfect for the dog lover that loves to show off their pupboth at the dog park and online. These felt dog collar flowers are cute as can be and can slide onto almost any collar, making it an easy gift to pick out, even if you don’t know their dog very well. They are handmade right here in ABQ and come in tons of different colors, so you are sure to find one that is just right for your loved one and their pup.

velveteen dog bow tie

2. Dog Bow Tie

If your friend’s dog is more of a dapper dog, a super easy and stylish option is our Velveteen Bow Tie. These bow ties can also be slipped onto most collars and add so much personality to a pups look. They are great for a special occasion, or for your friend who likes to take tons of pictures of their pup. Interested in plaid, floral, or polka dot bow ties? Mimi Green carries dog bow ties in a wide variety of materials, solid colors, and patterns. 

red plaid dog bandana

3. Dog Bandana

Dog bandanas are a great accessory for dogs—and dog owners truly love the cuteness that a bandana adds to their pup’s look. At Mimi Green, we offer flannel and linen dog bandanas in solid colors and prints like camo, stripes, leopard, plaid, polka dots, and so much more! You can also choose to personalize our dog bandanas to make this gift super unique for your loved one.

posey engraved dog collar

4. Engraved Dog Collar

If you really want to impress someone with a special gift, get them an engraved dog collar. You can get their pups name, number, and address engraved right on the buckle so that there is no fear of losing their tags. This is a great gift for someone with a new dog that is still getting used to its environment, because should they get out, they are very easy to identify. It gives the dog owner peace of mindwithout sacrificing style! 

snowflake dog collar Stormi engraved

5. Holiday Dog Collar

Mimi Green has plenty of holiday dog collars and accessories that are sure to bring a little cheer to your loved one’s holiday season! No matter their style, you are sure to find something they will love. Some of our current favorites are our Starlight Glitter Velvet and our Stormi Snowflake Canvas which also pair great with a Poinsettia Holiday Dog Collar Flower or Joy Holiday Dog Collar Flower. 

6. Ornaments for Dog Lovers

There are so many awesome ornaments out there for dog lovers. Look into custom dog ornaments that are created to resemble your loved one’s dog or check out fun and creative ornaments that allow you to get a mold of a dog’s paw print! There are numerous options available that allow you to customize these ornaments in endless ways—making the ornament truly unique to your loved one and their pup.

7. Custom Pet Portrait

People love their dogs; that’s no secret. They take endless pictures, talk about them online, post cute videos, and spoil them with the best of everything. Dogs are truly like another member of the family—so custom pet portraits that allow you to show off your pride and joy are a great gift option for dog lovers. Send a picture of your loved one’s pet and personalize the portrait any way you’d like.

8. Custom Socks for Animal Lovers

Speaking of showing off your pride and joy, custom socks are a great way to do just that. Using a picture of your loved one’s dog, you can create custom socks with the dog’s face all over them. Choose from different styles, colors, and sizes and present your loved one with a one-of-a-kind, funny, and practical gift.

9. Dog Camera & Treat Dispenser

Dog lovers miss their dogs while they are away from home—and dogs miss their owners. So, a dog camera and treat dispenser is the perfect gift for both your loved one and their pup! Your friend or family member can use the camera to check in on their dog, speak to him or her, and even dispense treats to the pup! 

rifle paper co bag strap

10. Matching Dog & Owner Apparel

What dog lover doesn’t love matching with their dog? At Mimi Green, we offer matching dog and owner apparel and accessories including camera straps, bag straps, keychains, and hair bows—just to name a few. Browse all of our matching apparel and find something that will surprise and delight the dog lover in your life. 

11. Creative Stocking Stuffers for Dog Lovers

For dog lovers, custom socks, ornaments, accessories, and matching apparel are all great ideas for stocking stuffers! You could also consider other creative ideas like odor eliminator candles, little doggy magnets, dog wine charms, or cute jewelry that features dogs. For dogs themselves, treats and toys make amazing stocking stuffers!

What Is the Best Christmas Gift for a Dog Lover?

While all of the above ideas would make great Christmas presents for dog lovers, the best gifts are the ones that are custom and truly unique to your loved one’s dog. Take the extra step to pick something that is custom made for your friend or family member; we promise that extra personal touch will go a long way.

What Do You Get Someone for Christmas for Their Dog?

All of the ideas mentioned are great gifts for dogs, too—not just their owners. However, if you really want to spoil the dog, you can also look into gifts like dog toys, beds, and treats that are sure to get the tail wagging.

How Can I Give a Dog as a Gift?

Rather than putting a dog under the tree with a bow or in a box with holes, wrap dog accessories and items like leashes, collars, etc. and place them under the tree. When the recipient opens the gifts, you can explain your intention of adopting a dog as a Christmas gift.

What Are Some Christmas Gifts for Animal Lovers, Not Just Dog Lovers?

A lot of the Christmas gifts mentioned are available for other types of animals as well! For example, you can get custom pet portraits, socks, and ornaments for any type of animal—and in addition to dog collars and accessories, Mimi Green offers collars, harnesses, and leashes for cats, too!

Shop Christmas & Holiday Gifts for Dogs Lovers at Mimi Green

When you shop with Mimi Green, you are shopping a small, woman-owned, USA-based business. With each and every purchase, you are getting a handmade item that can’t be found on Amazon—and you’re supporting local jobs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At Mimi Green, we hope the time, quality, and care we put into every item we make will surprise and delight your loved ones, and make their pups feel loved as well.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a loved one in your life that is a huge animal or dog lover, get started with these ideas to make their holiday season a bit more magical. Not sure what item or size to order? Send us an email; we are always happy to help!


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