Personalized Nylon Webbing Dog Collars

Mimi Green nylon dog collars are your go-to choice for your active, energetic pup. With Mimi Green, you'll find a variety of heavy duty nylon dog collars that are reliable in an array of weather conditions.

Choose from over 25 colors – Mimi Green webbing collars are durable, washable and made from superior quality nylon, capable of withstanding over 3100 lbs of pressure. Don't sacrifice comfort, safety or style. These strong & durable dog collars come in five sizes and three widths, so you'll have no trouble finding the perfect collar. Your trendy dog will love them!

Mimi Green collars can be personalized with engraving, name plates, embroidery or made into a martingale so don’t miss our nylon dog collars with name plates and metal buckles!