MG2 Plastic Buckle Personalized Dog Collar *4 colors


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MG2 Plastic Buckle Personalized Dog Collar *4 colors


Mg2 Dog Collars are our budget friendly line of collars. Why are we doing this? Because every dog should have reliable identification! Safety is our number one concern. We love hearing the stories of dogs rescued from their escapes because of our collars. Our dogs are like family to us and we know yours are too.

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  • Collar Sizing Chart Click the pup to view measuring instructions for our collars! 

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    Choose Buckle

    Choose your favorite metal buckle or even martingale style.Choose your favorite metal buckle or even martingale style. what is martingale question

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    Buckle Engraving

    20 character maximum.

    20 character maximum.

    20 character maximum.

    Please double check for accuracy as personalized items are not returnable or exchangeable.

  • Optional Customization

  • Engraved Nameplate

    (This is not a buckle, this is a nameplate that slides on your collar and provides additional engraving)
    Not available with XXS collars. Sorry.

    • 12 $

    20 character maximum.nameplate dog collar

    20 character maximum.

    20 character maximum.

    20 character maximum.

    Please double check for accuracy as personalized items are not returnable or exchangeable.

  • Optional Accessories

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  • Our Velvet Dog Collar Flowers are as beautiful as they are practical.

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  • Rubit is a simple, stylish, and secure clip that let's you swiftly transition tags to different collars. See more.

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  • Dress up your dog's look with a custom key fob

    Only available on 1" wide collars, without embroidery, without nameplates. Fi gps device sold separately. 

    • 15 $
  • Dress up your dog's look with a custom key fob
    • $

Mg2: a new, less expensive way to personalize your dog’s collar!

  • Made with a strong plastic buckle . Great for big and small dogs.
  • Is designed to be very quiet  — Plastic D ring will not hit personalized buckle when dog shakes and there are no dangling jingling ID tags! Awesome for homes with new babies or light sleepers.
  • It utilizes large gauge plastic D-Rings so you can rest assured your pooch is secure on his or her lead
  • It’s made of washable polyurethane webbing so you can keep your pup’s specialty dog collar in pristine condition
  • It’s made & engraved in the USA
  • It’s built to last—we use tough polyurethane webbing that can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure
  • All hard edges of the poly webbing are either covered or on top — no rough edges to scratch your dog’s neck!
  • Personalized buckle collar with 2-3 lines laser engraving on the buckle with a maximum of 20 characters per line
  • Buckle is custom laser etched with pristine text and your choice of font

Click to see examples of our Martingale Collars and Metal / Plastic Hybrid Buckles.

What are the differences between MG2 and Mimi Green?

  • If you are used to the Mimi Green nylon webbing, MG2 poly will be significantly different. Thiner and lighter weight, the poly is very tightly woven and still extraordinarily strong. 
  • MG2 utilizes military grade plastic d rings instead of metal like Mimi Green. We find this is totally a matter of preference, plastic makes less noise, is lighter weight but can be chewed if your dog gets ahold of its collar.  Both are strong enough for leash walking/running. 
  • MG2 seams are on the front of the collar while Mimi Green seams are on the back. Sewing them on the front helps with breeds that have a lot of hair or none at all — no tangling or irritation. Seams on the front look a little more rugged, on the back look a little more tailored. 
  • MG2 collars have fewer font options, color options and buckle options. 
  • MG2 is a budget friendly line while MImi Green is our designer line. 

IMPORTANT! Our buckles can only accommodate 20 letters per line. If you enter more than 20 letters per line, we will use our best judgement to shorten the info. Unfortunately, you will not receive notification of this prior to shipping so please count your letters!  

Warranty information: This dog collar is warrantied against manufacturer defect for one year. Should your buckle or d ring break due to defect, we will replace free of charge.

We do not warranty against chewing, excessive scratching or tie out use

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Black, Green, Purple, Red




Engraved Buckle


1", 3/4", 5/8"