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And a very happy December to me!

My mom was so cute last night. My birthday is still two weeks away, but she got so excited about my present that she gave it to me early. I couldn’t really imagine what it was as she lead me down the hall to her sewing room, but when she opened the door and there lay a brand new Singer with every function a girl could want , I have to admit that I was in a state of shock. My very first sewing machine! And she is beautiful! For the last few months I have been borrowing a machine from Alissa’s boyfriend Nelson — who ever so trustingly and graciously let me keep his baby here as long as I needed it. 


After my mom gave me the new machine, whom I think I will name Consuelo after her, we went shopping for new fabrics. Now between the new books, my Singer, and all the new beautiful fabrics we found, I should be good to go. It was the most fun I’ve had with my mom since  before I went to college. We don’t usually get to spend any time alone with my 3 little sisters, Noah and Auggie around (not that I am complain about them, its just nice to get some time with your momma sometimes — even when you are a momma yourself.) 

I got so excited to come home and show Dan that I lost my car keys in the process of bringing the machine, Auggie and my bags from Ann Taylor (sale weekend yahoo!) in the house. But I didn’t let that break my stride, I was giddy like a little kid all night long! This is turning out to be the best birthday ever. Dan built my work area, my mom got me the sewing machine and I have the new baby here now. Last year at this same time I was a wreck.  I was sure that I would never get pregnant and hitting my 25th year of life made me realize my mortality.  It’s amazing how in only 360 days things changed so drastically. Now Auggie is 2.5 months old and he and Noah are totally healthy and happy, all a mother could want.

Noah brought this takeout box home today after going out to eat with my uncle. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I love when he pops up with things that make me feel like we are actually doing a good job with him.Img_0672

Not a bad couple of days. Not bad at all.

Mimi Pink Apron to the rescue

My UPS delivery guy made me so happy yesterday. I finally broke down and ordered these books for myself, I’m sure you all recognize them. I can’t wait to make myself a pair of Amy’s PJ pants. I am dreaming of a weekend wearing these pants exclusively, drinking lots of warm drinks and reading by the fireplace.


Besides that, I want to work on perfecting my apron pattern. So far it’s looking good, but there are a few changes to make yet. I love how the fabrics are coming together, its really like  a birth every time i finish one.

I’m not much of a cook so I am using mine to catch all the thread and fibers that I am endlessly pulling from my clothes. And the pocket is perfect for holding my very loved, absolutely beautiful  new Gingher thread snips.


I’m so excited to show this to the girls on Sunday, we are getting together to bake Christmas cookies.  I might have declined the invitation since I’ve had to cut dairy from my diet (baby Auggie can’t handle the proteins in the milk) but somehow getting to wear the apron makes my missing-out-on-holiday-yummies-sadness all better. An apron band-aid of sorts.

Here Goes…

okay, I’m switching over from blogspot, so let me introduce myself.

I’m not Mimi, I’m Amanda. Mimi is a blanket. She is green, hand knit,  and strangely, super scratchy– well scratchy as far as blankets go.  She got mailed to us in 1989 from our great aunt right before the birth of my little sister. To my mom’s disgust, this was the blanket that my sister fell in love with. Not the super cute cuddly pink blankets that my grandma (a super talented seamstress) made or the beauties my mom crochet. No,  instead she loved rubbing the corner of this odd blanket on her little nose to fall asleep which was shocking since the texture of the blanket almost hurt your hands just to pick it up. Eventually she unraveled all the corners and my father’s aunt had to make her a new one.  No one ever told her there was two.  She had a love affair with Mimi Green and would except no substitutes.  Today she is nearing 20 years old and she still sleeps with Mimi– to her boyfriend’s chagrin of course.   

No, I’m not really Mimi, but when I get behind my sewing machine I want to become her.  Yeah I’m a bit rough around the edges, but loved none the less.

Having Mimi around taught me so much about life. She showed me that being gifted handmade items is a luxury. I admired Mimi because she spoke volumes about the eye of the beholder, a lesson that has become so important in my adult life. How something as simple as a green, scratchy, bordering ugly blanket made its way into a little girl’s heart was beautiful to watch. 

When I gave birth to my latest son all I could think about was making him a Mimi Green. The thoughts consumed me.  So many of my childhood memories had Mimi in them. The more I thought about it the more I realized that everyone needs  a Mimi in their lives. We all want to feel that security that we felt with our blankies as children. I want to feel that warm, tingly, happiness all day, and damnit I deserve it!

So I got behind the machine and haven’t really gotten up from that spot since.  I want to give my baby Mimi as a blanket. I want Mimi to be a super cool apron, a stylish pillow, comfy PJ pants.

Last weekend my husband worked on making my studio livable (finally!) I copied this wonderful table idea from Emily at Orange Beautiful and it is working out quite perfectly. One side for cutting, the other for sewing. Oh and a place for my seven year old Noah to furiously work on his measuring tape skills. Chicks dig guys with measuring tape skills.


Dan Also built me a hanger for the fabrics I am currently working with. I am a totally visual person so this helps a great deal.  It’s so nice to have an artist as a husband. He gets me.

So In this lovely area hopefully Mimi will come alive again.  I’m so glad you are here to watch the journey.