Birthday Boy

Today is Augutine's 1st birthday which is both sad and happy for me. I am sad because this year went by too fast, but happy because we made it through virtually unscathed! It wasn't as hard the second time around and Auggie has been the best baby in the world.

We went to Wisconsin last week for Daniel's sister's wedding and Aug celebrated his birthday there too. IMG_0730

This picture is making me way hungry for cake! He doesn't usually like sweets, but he loved his cake as you can see!

I keep thinking back to before he was here and how I felt like there was a  hole in my heart. Even this day last year when I was waiting for him to arrive I felt that pain. I couldn't wait to meet him! And Dan was exdxcited too, but it wasn't as 'real' for him since he wasn't the one carrying the baby. I just wanted to know what his face looked like and what his skin felt like.

Ever since the day he was born that hole was filled and I have finally felt complete. He is my favorite person to be around, I love his little personality. He reminds me so much of Daniel. Having Auggie is the only thing in my life that I haven't regretted, not even for a second, honestly.

It is hard to remember how I felt when Noah was born because I was SO young and I had no idea what I was doing. I think I spent most of his babyhood hoping I didn't forget him somewhere! This time it has been so much more relaxed. Not that I don't feel close to Noah too, I am pretty nuts about him too– here we are at the wedding, isn't he handsome!?

So anyway, Happy Birthday Auggie! Momma and daddy love you so so much.  More cake pictures to come.

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