Seat Belt Leashes for Car Rides!

I for one love taking my dog everywhere with me. Car rides are super fun but can also be dangerous if your dog isn't buckled in. I have used a seat belt for my dogs ever since one of my friends had a horrible tragedy when his dog jumped out of the moving car's window. It could happen to any of us at anytime! Besides that, if you come to a fast stop and your dog is belted in, they stay put on the seat (just like you will while belted in!)  

Mimi Green Seat Belt Leashes = safety + fashion. Our two favorite things! 

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Do Dog Seat Belts Really Work?

Dog seat belts increase safety for both dogs and drivers. It’s not fun considering these situations, but a joyous car ride can turn dangerous instantly. Here are the biggest risks that a dog seat belt can protect against:

  • Anxious dogs leaping out an open window
  • Head injury from external objects
  • Airbags from unrestrained dogs in the front seat
  • Dogs running out open doors when you’re not ready
  • Dogs jumping into the front seat distracting or impairing drivers

What Is The Safest Way For A Dog To Travel In A Car?

A crate is the safest way for your dog to travel in a car. The best material for a crate is aluminum with impact padding. The crate should be big enough for your dog to stand and turn around comfortably. Place crates on the back seat floor or somewhere you can strap them down. A dog seat belt is a good option if you don’t have a crate.

Can Dogs Ride In The Front Seat?

Dogs should not travel in the front seat of cars for two reasons.

  1. Little separates them from the driver, which can lead to a distracted driving incident.
  2. Airbags are designed for humans, not dogs. A crash poses a serious injury risk to an unrestrained dog in the front seat.

Ideally, your dog should ride in the back seat of your vehicle in a crate or harnessed to a dog seat belt.

Can My Dog Sit On My Lap While Driving?

No. A dog sitting or standing in your lap is distracting. There are several nightmare scenarios you should be aware of. They can block your view, get thrown out the window, accidentally touch the steering wheel, or get trapped under the control pedals.