Easter Dog Collars, Accessories, & More

Easter is such a fun season, filled with pastels, bunnies, and Easter eggs. Your pup deserves to be dressed for the occasion. Mimi Green is your trusted partner for Easter dog collars, accessories, and more. With Mimi Green, you’ll find endless pastels, cute flower accessories, and Easter themed dog tags. Browse our handmade dog collars today!

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Easter Dog Gifts

Dog Collar Rainbow


Dog Collar Flowers

‘Lana’ Dog Collar Corsage


Designer Dog Collars

‘Violet’ Velvet Dog Collar


Designer Dog Collars

‘River’ Velvet Dog Collar


Designer Dog Collars

Grape Robin’s Egg Flower Collar


Personalized Easter Dog Collars

Mimi Green helps you customize your Easter dog collar easily. Every one of our Easter dog collars can be personalized to include information like your pup’s name, address, contact information, and more. Choose from different sizes, buckle options, and other customizable options. Shop our cute Easter dog collars today!