If you’re trying to find the best Husky collar, there are certain aspects to consider concerning your dog’s specific size and temperament. There are plenty of options available for this breed. Here we’ll discuss how to select the right Husky dog collar for your pet.

Can Huskies Wear Collars?

The short answer is yes, absolutely! Not only can collars help bring your Husky back to you in case it gets loose, but collars are often a legal requirement in many municipalities.

Measuring Neck Width for a Husky Dog Collar

Before you begin searching for a Husky dog collar, you should measure your dog’s neck. You can measure the dog’s neck using a flexible measuring tape and wrapping it around the area where the collar will sit. The ideal length of the dog collar will be around two inches longer than the total neck measurement, as you’ll want it to be both snug and comfortable. You should be able to slip two fingers between the dog’s neck and the collar.

Husky Neck Size

Huskies normally have medium-sized necks, so you’ll likely want to get a dog collar that’s around 15 to 22 inches long.

Husky Temperament

Huskies make great pets for a reason. They’re typically gentle and friendly, as well as outgoing. They aren’t possessive like guard dogs, and they’re not often aggressive toward or suspicious of other dogs or people. However, they can be difficult to train in many cases because of their intelligent, alert, and curious nature, so you may want to get a stronger Husky training collar to help keep your dog from pulling.

If your Husky is a gentler dog who you have more control over as a pet owner, you can get a collar that’s designed less for strength and more for comfort. However, if your Husky is jumpy or tends to pull, a tougher Husky collar may be the better choice.

Best Collars for Huskies

Depending on the type of Husky you own, you’ll want to find the appropriate collar. Calmer and more obedient Huskies will be right for leather or nylon collars, which can provide a combination of durability and comfort. These collars are also great for dogs that don’t pull or are frequently off-leash.

Best Training Collar for Huskies

If your dog likes to pull, a martingale Husky dog collars might be the right choice for you as they keep your pet comfortable while giving the owner more control, without the choking effect of a choke collar.

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