If you’re trying to find the best dog collar for a German Shepherd, there are certain traits to consider. There are plenty of options available for this breed. Here we’ll review how to choose the right German Shepherd dog collar for your pet.

Measuring Neck Width for a German Shepherd Dog Collar

Before you start looking for a German Shepherd dog collar, you should measure the dog’s neck. You can measure the dog’s neck using a flexible measuring tape and wrapping it around the area where you’ll wrap the collar. The ideal length of the dog collar will be about two inches longer than the total neck measurement, as you’ll want it to be snug yet comfortable, with the ability to slip two fingers between the dog and the collar.

German Shepherds have particularly thick necks, so you’ll normally want to get a dog collar that’s around 18 to 24 inches.

German Shepherd Temperament

German Shepherds are popular as pets for a reason. They’re relatively easy to train and they’re typically cooperative. However, as descendants of sheepherding dogs, they’re genetically hardwired with athleticism and a need to chase things, which could make them a little challenging to control at times.

Many German Shepherds also come from different genetic lines, with dogs from working lines that have high-drive temperaments, while others come from show lines that are more soft-tempered. While both of those types of Shepherds can be skittish and even aggressive at times, their high intelligence and trainability have allowed more generalized breeders to breed dogs with soft and calm temperaments.

Choosing the Right German Shepherd Dog Collars

Depending on the type of German Shepherd you have, you’ll want to find the right collar. Calmer and more obedient German Shepherds will benefit from a nylon or leather collar, which can provide a combination of durability and comfort. These collars are also great for dogs that don’t pull or are often off-leash.

If your dog likes to pull, you can also find martingale collars that keep the dog comfortable while giving the owner more control.

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