When searching for the best dog collar for your Pit Bull, Stafforshire Terrier or American Bully, you’ll find plenty of dog collars available at Mimi Green. Regardless of your dog’s size or temperament, here’s a helpful guide to help you choose the right Pit Bull collar.

Measuring Your Dog for Custom Pit Bull Collars

Prior to searching for your Pit Bull dog collar, you should measure your dog’s neck. You can take a measurement by using a flexible measuring tape and wrapping it around the width of the neck where the collar will sit. This total will be the ideal length of the dog collar. You should be able to comfortably slip two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck.

Pit Bulls have larger necks, with sizes ranging from around 14 to 18 plus inches, so you’ll typically want to find a dog collar that’s somewhere within this range.

Pit Bull Temperament and Personality

Although Pit Bull Terriers often have a bad reputation, we at Mimi Green know that they are also one of the sweetest, most loyal breeds around. Your Pit Bull’s behavior and tendencies should factor in to the type of Pit Bull collar you choose. Pit bulls have gained an unfairly bad reputation due to many instances of mistreatment resulting in aggression, but Pit bulls are generally not aggressive dogs and tend to be friendly in nature. However, they are strong and have a high predatory drive due to Pit bulls having been bred to chase and herd livestock.

Depending on your Pit Bull’s personality, you may not need a particularly tough collar, but if your Pitty likes to pull and/or is aggressive toward other dogs, you may want a stronger collar such as a leather or leather alternative. A martingale collar with it’s limited slip and ability to tighten when pulled may also be a good choice for pullers to give you more control.

Best Collars for Pit Bulls

Oftentimes, a wide leather or nylon dog collar works well for American Staffordshire Terriers and Bully’s due to their flexibility, durability, and comfort. You can also customize your Mimi Green’s collar with various colors and designs, as well as laser engraved personalized buckles, tags and nameplates. These materials will help make sure the dog is both comfortable and stylish, safe and identified should they get away from you.

If you’re looking for more heavy duty dog collars for a Pit Bull, martingale collars are also ideal if pulling is a problem, but unlike choke collars, they don’t cause discomfort and are more ideal for Pit Bulls.

Find the Best Dog Collars for Pit Bulls Here at Mimi Green

For a selection of Pit Bull dog collars with customizable designs to match your dog’s personality and style, shop here at Mimi Green. We carry many wide and extra-wide dog collars for Pit Bulls and any other breed. Browse through our vast selection and find the best custom Pit Bull collar today!