Dog Collars with Nameplates

To keep your pup safe, it’s necessary to have proper identification on your dog’s collar. But, we understand the annoyance of dog tags. Mimi Green is proud to connect you to an array of dog collars with nameplates, so you never have to hear jingling dog tags again!

Leather & Waterproof Dog Collars with Nameplates

Find your perfect dog collar with a nameplate today with our wide selection of collars made from canvas, leather, and even waterproof materials. With Mimi Green, you’ll find a large selection of nameplate dog collars in all colors of the rainbow and made out of various materials. Whether you’re looking for a reflective nameplate dog collar to keep you and your pup safe at night, or a fashionable leather collar, we’ve got you covered at Mimi Green!

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Customized Dog Collars with Nameplates

Our nameplates are 100% customizable. When designing your personalized collar, you can choose from different fonts, buckle type, and buckle material (stainless steel/gold). When it comes to the engraved information, you can engrave multiple lines of personalized information about your pup, depending on the collar of your choice.

Find your ideal dog collar with a nameplate today with Mimi Green!