10 Fancy Dog Collars for Your Preppy Pup

If you are at all like me, your dog is the prince or princess of your home (well, at least they think so) and what is any great royal without their accessories? For the preppy pup we have just the thing to impress all of their subjects and truly give the tabloids something to talk about. Of course no two are quite alike, you have tons of options to personalize your collar to fit your dog’s individual style and truly complete their look. Not to mention if they ever stray to far from their kingdom, they have your info engraved right on their buckle to get them home safe.

So what are some of the looks we are raving about this fall? Well for the put-together pup we recommend…

For Your Handsome Man Pup

Scotty Plaid Collar1. The ‘Scotty’ Plaid Dog Collar in Tan

We LOVE this style for fall. Your pup will look so smart in this sophisticated style that will pair perfectly with your burberry scarf. Also available in Blue and Red with a couple webbing color options to back your ribbon choice. You’ll be ready in no time for a fall romp in the leaves.






    1. Bow Tie Linen Collar
      Engraved Bow Tie Dog Collar * 6 Colors of Linen


Our second pick is the undeniably classy Linen Bowtie Collar. All your relatives will be impressed with your dashing gentlemen with six linen color options and your choice of bowtie. When the guests leave and it’s time to relax, easily detach the bowtie to save for your next big event.




  1. The ‘Coleman’ Necktie Collar


Silky soft and backed with teal we can’t get enough of our voile collars. Beware, all the compliments they get while flaunting this dapper style may go to their head.


  1. The ‘Slater’ Canvas Collar

With its retro vibes and sturdy canvas this collar is perfect for the pup that is all smiles and tail wags. Choose from several bright and sunny webbing colors to match. Take this collar with you on your next adventure, it is sure to turn some heads.


  1. Personalized Leather Collar with Metal Buckle

Nothing says reflined like leather. Simple and classic, this kind of collar looks more expensive than it is (but no one has to know that). This collar is built to last and will be sure to turn heads at the dog park.


For Your Lovely Lady Dog


  1. ‘Goldie’ Metallic Gold Canvas Collar

For the pup that will not be outshone the Goldie collar is the perfect choice. Rifle Paper Co. has some of the cutest florals around and the gold touches are perfect for the holidays and beyond. It comes with a gold buckle and hardware that will make your girl look like she just stepped out of a boutique.


  1. Rose Gold Linen Collar

For the preppy girl, nothing is a more perfect fit than a Rose Gold collar. She’ll be the envy of all her puppy pals with this beautiful pink linen with gold thread woven throughout. It catches the light in all the right ways on your nights out on the town together.


  1. ‘Ella’ Floral Cotton Collar

One of our most popular fabrics, Ella is sure to please the pickiest princess. Super bright and dense floral print, with several webbing colors to choose from this pattern will stand out against even dark fur. Get a matching key fob to match your pup so she’s not the only one catching people’s eye!


  1. Pink Laminated Cotton Collar “Buttercup”

If you have an active social pup, the Buttercup is a great option! Still incredibly stylish, this collar does double duty by also being dirt and water resistant. The watercolor floral pattern is as pretty as can be but can withstand a roll in the grass with her friends as well.


  1. Custom Studded Leather Collar ‘The Bart’


If none of the above options have quite enough bling for your preppy lady, this collar is the way you should go. Studs and gems galore will be sure to turn heads and make your pup hold her head up high. She’ll be looking forward to showing it off, the toughest part of this collar is making sure the other pup’s she meets don’t get too jealous!

Best Collars for Puppies – How to Pick One

puppy collars how to choose one

How to Pick the Best Collars for Puppies: A Brief Guide

You brought your new puppy home, now what?! Well of course after getting food, the second most important thing is finding your puppy a collar. A puppy collar will make it possible to go on (much needed) walks and hold your new dog’s most important info: its ID tag.

Of course I’m partial, but I LOVE our puppy collars for the fact that their ID info is engraved right on the buckle. This means no hanging tags that can get caught on their crate, that they can chew off their collar and no jingle jangle from that tag — this collar is silent!

The other thing I love about our puppy collars is that they are super lightweight. Getting used to wearing a collar can be tough for puppies. This collar is so light, they will barely notice it cutting down on scratching and annoyance to your dog’s neck.  Small dog collars for new puppies are a must, you don’t want them to have a bulky collar that makes them adverse to collars their whole lives.

We use a 3/8″ metal/ plastic hybrid buckle for that reason, it’s super light and small. This is is perfect for a puppy from birth to about 10lbs. Yes, newborn puppy collars are totally a thing, having the litter in diffrent color collars can help the breeder identify them too!  After 10lbs we suggest upgrading to our 5/8″ or 1″ dog collars. These buckles are bigger and stronger which will suit your puppy as it grows.

Have a puppy that stays tiny? Toy breeds can use our puppy collars for their entire lives as they will never outgrow this tiny buckle.

What is the Best Collar for a Puppy?

Picking a collar can be a challenge since you may have just met your new puppy! We have an assortment of materials we use including velvet, glitter, ribbon and laminate.

Our velvet puppy collars are super soft and come in 32 different colors! Washable + stylish, these velvet collars are made to impress. We have tons of blue + green velvet for boy puppy collars and lots of choices of pink + purple for girl puppy collars!

Glitter puppy collars are great because they have so much bling to them. They are definitely for that dog who likes to stand out in a crowd.

Our ribbon puppy collars  are made of super thick grosgrain ribbon making them durable and washable. These also come in a ton of colors, your pup could wear a different color everyday!

Lastly, my favorite, our laminated puppy collars. These collars are cotton covered in a laminate which makes them super durable, stain resistant and can either be washed in the machine or wiped off with a towel! They are the most durable for the puppy who loves to jump in puddles and roll in mud. And the white parts of the collar stay white, you will be amazed.

Choosing a collar for your puppy may not seem like the most important decision you can make for them, but when you add our engraved buckles to your pup’s collar, this decision could save your dog from being lost from you forever. It can also save your puppy’s life preventing them from getting tradional ID tags stuck on their crates and choking themselves.  At Mimi Green we are all about style but realize that the most important thing about our collars is that they keep your dog safe.


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Keep your pup safe this 4th of July!

Did you know that more pets get lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year?

Pet Safety

Fourth of July celebrations can be a scary time for your furry friend. Follow these simple suggestions to keep them safe.

  1. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise during the day before fireworks begin
  2. Keep your pets secured inside your home. Close windows and blinds so avoid noise and lights from fireworks.
  3. Provide a safe place for your pet, whether it is their crate or bed.
  4. Make sure your dog has a collar with identification.
  5. If microchipped, confirm your contact information is correct.

★ ★ All of our collars can be personalized with laser engraved buckles or name plate ★ ★

Dog Fashion for the 4th


Guess who was featured in the New York Post? Ryan Seacrest, we’re so flattered!

Some mornings you wake up to find out your dog collar is one of Ryan Seacrest’s favorite things and in the NY Post! And those days….. those days are awesome! We are so happy that Georgia (Ryan Seacrest’s Black Lab) loves her Mimi Green Collar.

I know we are pretty excited about these new leather collars, but it is great to see others sharing the love. Wanna see more? Check out our leather collars, available in green, blue, black, dark brown, and tan.

View the full article online: http://nypost.com/2017/06/07/ryan-seacrests-multitasking-must-haves-sneakers-headphones-tequila/

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