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Engraved Personalized Nylon Webbing Dog Collar *27 colorsEngraved Personalized Nylon Webbing Dog Collar *27 colors

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Best Holiday-Themed Dog Collars

It’s that time of year when we get in the holiday spirit and decorate our homes for the holidays, while donning holiday-appropriate garb and sharing the cheer with our pets. To help your dogs get even more into the season, here are some holiday-themed handmade dog collars you can get for your canine companion.

Reindeer Christmas Dog Collars

The Reindeer red and gold tinsel Christmas dog collar features a unique design that can give your dog a great look while offering customization. This collar is made with chambray linen with a nylon webbing underlayment, and includes reflective flecks of gold, along with a customizable buckle engraving that can feature your dog’s name, a holiday message, and phone number. Several buckle designs are available, along with a variety of fonts.

In addition to red, you can choose from blue or green nylon.

Elf Holiday Dog Collars

If you’re feeling festive and want to find another perfect and authentic holiday dog collar, consider getting this Elf dog collar design, which also features chambray linen and nylon underlayment, with a green and gold look. This handmade dog collar includes thousands of handset sparkles to give it a glittery look that you won’t find with other collars.

You can choose between silver, gold, or black glitter and red or a green nylon webbing based on you and your dog’s tastes.

Santa Christmas Dog Collars

This red Swiss velvet and nylon Santa dog collar is handmade and embroidered. It features a stain-resistant and washable collar, with a “HO HO HO” hand-embroidered in the design. You can also include an engraved buckle with customized text.

Get Top-Quality Affordable Holiday Dog Collar Designs from Mimi Green Today

In addition to these unique holiday and Christmas dog collar designs, you’ll get the highest level of quality available with each purchase here at Mimi Green. Each collar features:

  • Large D-Rings to secure your dog on his or her leash
  • Hybrid metal and plastic buckle that’s lightweight, making it ideal for small to large dogs
  • Washable, durable, and tough nylon webbing that helps ensure your collar lasts
  • Handmade and engraved in the USA
  • Personalized buckle engravings with a max of 20 characters per line
  • Custom laser engraving with sharp and clear text and font of your choosing

Regardless of which holiday dog collar you choose, you’ll get a product designed to impress and last for many years when you shop at Mimi Green. You can also check out our many other dog collar and matching leash designs for any time of year in our growing selection.mimi green dog collard blog

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Spoil your pup with custom-made designer gear by Mimi Green.

Best Dog Collars – One For Every Dog

You know your dog needs a collar (they can’t run around naked after all!), so what next? Like everything in our lives these days, you have endless options to choose from. Personally I think the smart option if you are going to spend the money for a nice collar is to get it personalized with your information. It is also smart to consider what kind of activities you and your pup want to do while wearing this collar, so your dog will be happy, comfortable, and able to live its life to the fullest.

Below are a few of our most popular collar types, and their recommended uses;

Classic Collars

Classic Collars

You never know when your dog is going to get out and our classic engraved collars help keep them safe. Personalize with your phone number, address, or let them know that your dog is microchipped. We have tons of different styles and colors to fit your dog’s personality. Choose one our canvas styles if you need something a little more sturdy, flannel that’s super soft, cotton that’s easy to wash, or linen for your fancy occasion.

Martingale Dog Collar

Martingale Dog Collar

This collar type utilizes a loop with a D-Ring that a leash can be attached to. When your dog is resting or not pulling this will lay somewhat flat, but when they do pull the collar will tighten. This can be a very good choice for dogs with small heads (such as a greyhound) that can easily slip out of their collar. The loop can also help dogs take cues from their owner more easily, as they notice the change in tightness when you are trying to get their attention. Easily add a martingale loop to most of our fabric styles, also available in chain form with our leather collars.

Leather Nameplate Dog Collars

Leather Nameplate Dog Collars

For the dog that can be a little too rough on their webbing dog collars, I really recommend this option. Incredibly sturdy, they will stand up to play with other dogs. I switch to this collar when I know my dog will have a playdate at a dog park or with another puppy. If your dog is the type to scratch up their buckles one way or another this is also a nice option as the name plate usually sits at the back of the neck so it’s a little harder to get to.

Laminate Dog Collars


Laminate Dog Collars

Our laminated cotton dog collars come in lots of beautiful prints and are a nice easier to clean option for the dog who tends to enjoy a roll in the mud from time to time. Wipe off dirt with ease or wash the whole thing (per our instructions). You will not have to sacrifice style for ease of use!

Puppy/ Toy Dog Collars

Puppy/Toy Dog Collars

Depending on the breed and size of your puppy, this collar is a great option if you are worried that they will outgrow their collar in a few months. Super lightweight, this will be perfect for your pup that’s still getting used to wearing a collar. They go up to 10” and are a little cheaper than our standard Mimi Green collar, so when they outgrow them, you can transition them into a collar a heavier duty collar. This is also an excellent option for toy dogs that a thinner width is more appropriate.

Waterproof Collars

Waterproof Collars

With all the style of a leather dog collars, this is a vegan option that is also perfect for the dog that loves to swim in the lake with you or romp along the beach. If you have an active pup that likes to get dirty this is a great choice. They come in a number of styles, choose a name plate or a buckle or a reflective option for your nighttime activities!

Reflective Collars

Reflective Collars

Whether you like to walk your dog through the city at night, or you need to spot your dog hiding in the backyard, reflective dog collars help your dog be spotted and keep them safe. Should your dog accidently run in a street or whether it’s more for your benefit this is a style I recommend to a lot of people. Pair with a matching harness for even higher visibility!

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10 Fancy Dog Collars for Your Preppy Pup

If you are at all like me, your dog is the prince or princess of your home (well, at least they think so) and what is any great royal without their accessories? For the preppy pup we have just the thing to impress all of their subjects and truly give the tabloids something to talk about. Of course no two are quite alike, you have tons of options to personalize your collar to fit your dog’s individual style and truly complete their look. Not to mention if they ever stray to far from their kingdom, they have your info engraved right on their buckle to get them home safe.

So what are some of the looks we are raving about this fall? Well for the put-together pup we recommend…
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How to Clean A Dog Collar – Tips & Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Clean A Dog Collar – Tips & Step-by-Step InstructionsIf you’re a dog owner, it’s important to know how to clean a dog collar properly. And if your dog is like any normal dog, it probably likes to roll around in the grass or splash around in puddles.

You wash your dog whenever it has a little too much fun at the beach or park. Why not wash its collar too? Knowing your fluffy best friend has a clean dog collar will put your mind at ease. Not to mention, if your dog enjoys napping on the living room couch with a dirty collar, chances are that couch is going to get dirty too.
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Best Collars for Puppies – How to Pick One

puppy collars how to choose one

How to Pick the Best Collars for Puppies: A Brief Guide

You brought your new puppy home, now what?! Well of course after getting food, the second most important thing is finding your puppy a collar. A puppy collar will make it possible to go on (much needed) walks and hold your new dog’s most important info: its ID tag.

Of course I’m partial, but I LOVE our puppy collars for the fact that their ID info is engraved right on the buckle. This means no hanging tags that can get caught on their crate, that they can chew off their collar and no jingle jangle from that tag — this collar is silent!

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