Safety Collars for Dogs: Options for Keeping Your Dog Safe

When it comes to keeping your dog safe, a dog collar is the most important accessory to invest in for your pup.  It’s no secret that there are many benefits to dog collars, including better control over your dog, assistance in training and discipline, decoration and fashion, and so much more. However, with endless collar options available for dogs, it can be difficult to choose the best safety collar for your dog and your specific needs.

So, let’s take a closer look at the different types of safety collars and break-away collars for dogs, how they work, and how to choose the best safety collar for your unique pup.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dog Owners & Dog Lovers

If you are anything like me, you always struggle with what gift to give your friends and family every holiday season. You want something unique and special, something guaranteed to bring a smile to your special someone’s face. It can be difficult to think of something that someone wants that they wouldn’t have thought to get themselves, especially as an adult. However, if your friends are also like me and obsessed with their dog, we have a couple of easy solutions.

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Chew-Proof Dog Collars vs Chew-Resistant Dog Collars: Is There a Such Thing as a Chew-Proof Dog Collar?


Dogs are known for chewing things—whether it be their toys, your belongings, or their collars. Unfortunately, we can’t always stop our dogs from chewing things they aren’t supposed to—like their collars—but there are collar options out there that are less susceptible to damage from chewing and other abuses. 

Chew-resistant dog collars—sometimes incorrectly referred to as chew-proof dog collars—are the ultimate solution for dogs who just can’t help but chew at their collars.

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When Should Dogs Wear Collars?

Dog collars are a necessary tool in your pet parent arsenal. Not only do they have your dog’s identifying information on them, but they also allow you to safely take your pup out to explore the world. 

When it comes to your home, however, you may be wondering if it’s necessary for your pet to wear a collar while indoors. Does your dog even like wearing a collar? If not, should dogs wear collars in the house at all?

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When to Replace Your Dog’s Collar & Harness – How to Know It’s Time


Dog collars and harnesses are arguably the most important accessories your dog will have in its lifetime. And although many harnesses and collars are design to last, you will more than likely have to replace them at some point—whether it’s due to wear and tear, functionality, or something else that has jeopardized the safety of the accessories.

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How to Clean A Dog Collar – Tips & Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Clean A Dog Collar – Tips & Step-by-Step InstructionsIf you’re a dog owner, it’s important to know how to clean a dog collar properly. And if your dog is like any normal dog, it probably likes to roll around in the grass or splash around in puddles.

You wash your dog whenever it has a little too much fun at the beach or park. Why not wash its collar too? Knowing your fluffy best friend has a clean dog collar will put your mind at ease. Not to mention, if your dog enjoys napping on the living room couch with a dirty collar, chances are that couch is going to get dirty too.
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