Leather Dog Collars

Mimi Green Leather Dog Collars are beautiful, durable, and include functional dog ID information. Made by hand, these leather collars will withstand the test of time and the test of your rough and tumble dog! We carry a variety of styles, choose from a large selection of band widths, leather finishes, colors, and stud patterns.

Keep in mind, EVERY Mimi Green collar (entire store) can be personalized via engraving on the nameplate or buckle. We have many types of buckle and nameplate options as well.  

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Our Leather Collars are Durable & Cool

Our Custom Leather Collars have both awesome durability and functional dog ID information. Made by hand, you’ll love how your pet will look in their designer dog collar! Every dog collar we make is unique. This is because all of our items are handcrafted with love and dogs in mind.

Custom Engraved Leather Dog Collars Made by Hand

Adding a unique feature like an engraved buckle with your dog’s name, details and medical info just makes them that much better! Once you select the style of band you like and the size that fits your dog, pick which type of buckle you’d like.

We have two buckle options available for these collars including zinc die-cast in silver and brass die-cast in gold tone.  Plus each buckle can include your number, address, microchip number or a combo of the three! You can even include medications needed or allergies if you can fit the characters within the space provided.

Are the Best Dog Collars made from Leather?

It depends on who you ask. We have collars made of many materials, but our line of classic and studded leather collars remains some of our most popular best sellers. Made by hand with every stitch, each one will withstand the test of time and however rough your pet likes to play!

What Colors are Available?

Currently our selection includes: blue, green, dark brown, tan, red, and black. Occasionally we have a special offer or product that is available for only a limited time. If you’d like to see or suggest a different color of leather or finish, let us know. We value your feedback.

What Styles & Models Are Available?

We have a variety of styles including martingale, classic, oiled leather, The Bart, studded, thin with engraved nameplates, extra wide bands, The Lili studded collar, and classic varieties ranging in width from 5/8” to 1.5” thick.

How to Customize the Buckle.

Go ahead, make your dog’s collar as fancy or as practical as you want. Choose from a large selection of band widths, leather finishes, colors, and stud patterns. After measuring your dog, choose the correct band length and pick the type of buckle you want: silver tone or brass. Next choose the font you want to use on your engraved buckle or nameplate enter the text you want. It’s that simple! Your dog will be the talk of the dog park in no time!

Why Buy From Mimi Green?

Because we value quality and craftsmanship. That’s why all of our collars are made in the USA. All of Mimi Green’s products are handcrafted in our studio, located in New Mexico, USA. We use thick, full-grain English bridle leather, which is beveled and hand-polished. We use only the sturdiest hardware, and the engraving is guaranteed to never wear off!