Dog Collar Flowers - Fancy Accessories for Your Dog

We have the most gorgeous flowers for dog collars......find one to match every one of your dog's collars! Choose from countless colors to add a little fancy to your pup’s look. Our collar flowers are great for weddings, parties, birthdays or everyday wear. Mostly everyday wear, dog’s gotta look fresh.

Customize Collars with Colorful Dog Collar Flowers Made by Hand

Mimi Green Dog Collars can be customized with our matching unique and fancy Dog Collar Flowers. We have plenty of options to give you what you need to match your dog’s style, with a wide variety of crochet dog collar flowers, along with velvet and felt collar flowers.

We make a variety of dog flowers including roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers and tons more. Regardless of the type of dog collar flower you want for your dog, we have it here at Mimi Green.

Made by hand in the USA, our collar flowers are super unique and can be customized by choosing from over 30 colors! You’ll find the right dog collar flower to match your dog’s look and personality.

Add a Touch of Class with Our Unique Fabric Flowers for Dog Collars

Want to get even more fancy? Try our Swiss Velvet Dog Collar Flowers. Your dog will look great with these elegant designs, along with the many other flowers for dog collars you’ll find in our extensive selection.

Our flowers are hand washable, slide on and off the collar for easy switches and are durable. We also carry collar flowers for puppies in addition to adult dogs.

Shop Here at Mimi Green for Some of the Best Collar Flowers and Much More

We offer a wide variety of collar flowers for any dog, including velvet dog collar flowers and many other detachable flowers for dog collars, along with a variety of other accessories. You can give your dog the perfect complementary touch for his or her collar and leash. Like the rest of our products, our collar flowers are designed with only the best materials.