If you’re the owner of a Greyhound and are looking for the right dog collar for your pet, there are plenty of options you can find. Regardless of your dog’s size or temperament, here’s a brief guide to help you select the right Greyhound dog collar.

Greyhound Dog Collars – Options

When it comes to dog collars for Greyhounds, there are many options to choose from. Martingale dog collars, also knownas no-slip collars, are popular choices because of their versatility and available options in terms of materials and designs.

Martingale Collars for Greyhounds

If your dog tends to slip out of collars, Martingale collars for Greyhounds can help prevent that from happening. Martingale collars are also ideal if you have a dog that likes to pull, but unlike choke collars, they don’t cause discomfort and are more ideal for Greyhounds.

Wide Dog Collars for Greyhounds

One benefit of wide collars is that they distribute the pressure on the dog’s neck, decreasing the stress and damage to the dog’s coat. Additionally, Greyhounds have extremely narrow necks and heads, and wider collars prevent them from slipping their collars.

Measuring Your Greyhound for a Dog Collar

Before looking for a dog collar for a Greyhound, you should measure your dog’s neck. You can do so using a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around the width of the neck where the collar will sit. Add another two inches to the measurement and this will be the ideal length of the dog collar. You’ll want to be able to slip two fingers between the collar and the dog’s body.

Greyhound Neck Size

Greyhounds are larger dogs, with neck sizes ranging from around 11 to 17 inches, so you’ll typically want to find a dog collar in this range. However, some larger Greyhounds may have thicker necks so we always ask you to measure.

Greyhound Temperament

The behavior of your Greyhound will also factor into which type of dog collar you want to get. Despite their size, Greyhounds are typically gentle and calm. They are also quiet and are easily startled. You won’t likely see much aggression or pulling with these dogs, which means that a tougher collar isn’t necessary for Greyhounds.

Getting a Greyhound dog collar that’s comfortable and flexible is most ideal for these dogs, particularly when training them. Due to their docile nature, the training of Greyhounds should be accomplished gently with more praise than other breeds. They’re also not the strongest breed, so you don’t have to worry about your collar breaking or experiencing much wear over time. On the other hand, they may pull from time to time, depending on the dog’s individual personality.

Leather Greyhound Collars

Typically, leather collars are ideal for Greyhound dogs due to their flexibility, durability, and comfort. You can also easily customize them with different colors and designs, and they are great for displaying ID tags. Nylon collars are also a good option for calm and obedient Greyhound dogs, as both materials will help make sure your dog is both comfortable and fashionable.

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