Leather Martingale Dog Collars

Mimi Green offers a wide selection of leather martingale collars to keep your pup both stylish and safe. You can choose from numerous leather martingale collar colors including black, brown, chestnut, red, navy blue, and navy blue, and so many more! You can also choose to personalize any leather martingale collar with optional buckles or nameplates.

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How to Use Your Leather Martingale Dog Collar

Follow these steps to ensure you are using your leather martingale collar correctly:

  1. Loosen the collar diameter with the tri-glide and slide the collar around your dog’s neck.
  2. Tighten it up with the tri-glide to the correct size.
  3. Attach your leash to the collar’s D-ring.
  4. When the dog pulls, the loop upfront on the collar will tighten so your dog cannot escape their collar.

When adjusted correctly, the dog is never choked, but the collar stays snug around the dog’s neck until the pressure is released.

Custom Leather Martingale Collars with Personalization Options

Mimi Green offers various ways of customizing and personalizing all our leather martingale collars. You can customize the size, pick different plates or buckles, and engrave your pup’s name, address, contact information, and more on the collar. Our leather martingale collars are offered both with or without customizable buckles and name plates, and you can choose from numerous leather colors, hardware finishes, and nameplate finishes and fonts.

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Considering making a leather martingale dog collar purchase from Mimi Green? When you shop with us, you are supporting a small, woman-owned business—and you’re getting authentic, handmade products. Our unique collars are made with quality materials that last and keep your pup safe.

Not sure what size to order? Send us an email, we are always happy to help!