When looking for the ideal dog harness for your pet, there are many options to choose from. It’s important to get the right harness for your dog based on size, breed, and temperament, along with harnesses designed for specific purposes such as walking or training. A good dog harness will provide an even balance of safety and comfort.

Here we’ll review the different harnesses you can get for any type of dog.

Sizing and Fitting a Dog Harness

Prior to purchasing a dog harness, it’s best to know what size will work best for your dog. Measuring the dog’s weight is another helpful step.

The first step is to measure the dog’s girth. You can use a flexible tape measure to measure your dog’s circumference behind the front legs. If your dog happens to be at the upper limit of a harness size range, you’re better off getting one size larger. Like dog collars, you should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog’s neck.

The next step is to measure back length, measuring from the base of the dog’s neck at the collar to the base of the dog’s tail. If the dog is overweight, has a deep chest or a thick coat of fur, go up a size for a snug and comfy fit.

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Step-In Harnesses

Some dogs may not cooperate when you’re fitting them with anything beyond a collar. Step-in harnesses make it easier. These harnesses are designed to lie on the ground as the dog steps into it. Most of these harnesses will feature a back-clip. These are among the most popular options for most dogs, from small to extra large.

Most dog harnesses also feature back-clip design instead of front-clip design due to its versatility. Dogs are also less likely to chew or struggle with a back-clip harness. If the leash has too much slack, back-clip harnesses also keep the dog’s legs from entanglement.

Ultimately, a back-clip step-in harness is the ideal design for most dogs, and we offer a selection of customizable step-in harness designs made with the best materials available.

Personalized Harnesses

Another option to look for is personalization. With the help of a personalized harness featuring the dog’s name along with the owner’s phone number and other contact info, your dog can return home safely with identification that eliminates the need for ID tags. These harnesses also feature several different types of construction, including nylon webbing, reflective fabrics, and velvet, all of which are customizable with different colors or designs.

Another upside of a colorful dog harness is the ability to identify a lost dog with the help of a unique color or pattern alone, in addition to ID information.

Best Harness for Small Dogs

If you own a small dog, there are plenty of options out there to choose from to accommodate your pet’s compact size. One of the best harnesses for small dogs is our velvet step-in harness for toy dogs, puppies, and even cats. This harness is only ⅜ inches in width and is lightweight. The step-in design also allows for easy fitting, and it can come with an engraved buckle that has all of their info.

Best Harness for Large Dogs

If you have a larger dog, Mimi Green also carries a variety of options to meet your needs. One of the best harnesses for large dogs is the Mimi Green all-nylon webbing harness. This particular step-in harness features a strong nylon webbing construction that’s built to last, with 26 color options. It’s made with contoured buckles that fit the neck’s curves for optimal comfort, with customizable laser-engraved text. It’s also made of washable designer fabrics to make cleaning the harness easy. This harness is also available in different sizes for smaller or larger dogs.

Best Harness for Extra Large Dogs

Looking for the perfect harness for an extra large dog? Consider getting the Mimi Green all-velvet harness. Like our all-nylon option, this harness features durable yet comfortable velvet construction, with 20 different color options. Customize the contoured buckles with up to three lines of text and keep your dog secure with the harness’s large gauge D-rings.

Best Dog Harness for Dog Walking

If you and your dog enjoy taking frequent walks, day or night, consider getting the Mimi Green reflective harness. Similar to our other step-in harness designs, this product features top-quality construction with tough nylon webbing, along with a colorful reflective design to help keep your dog safe during those evening walks. You can choose from many different colors, including neon options.

Other Customizable Dog Harness Styles

In addition to these harnesses, Mimi Green carries many other models that provide comfort, control, and style. Designs such as the Mimi Green all-laminated cotton harness feature the same reliable construction, with many customizable color and design options to keep your dog fashionable, safe, and comfortable. You can also choose from many other velvet and nylon step-in harnesses with a nearly unlimited number of design options.

Find the Right Dog Harness for Your Dog at Mimi Green

If you need to find a high-quality dog harness for your pet that combines comfort, security, and style, Mimi Green has a wide range of options available. You can also choose from a variety of leashes and colors to complement the harness design and keep your dog both comfortable and stylish. Browse our complete selection of dog harnesses here today and find what you need for your favorite canine.

For additional information about any of our products, contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect harness and much more.