Before you start looking for the ideal Bulldog collars, you’ll want to make sure you find the right design for your pet. Here we’ll go over the various aspects to consider when shopping for the perfect Bulldog collar, including size and behavior.

Measuring Bulldog Neck Size to Determine Bulldog Collar Size

The first step to take to find the right Bulldog collar is to measure the width of your dog’s neck. Take this measurement using a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around the dog’s neck where the collar will be. Add another two inches to the total length and this will give you the ideal length of the collar. You should be able to comfortably place two fingers between the collar and dog’s neck, which will indicate that the collar is comfortable but tight enough to avoid slipping, and will fit around the widest point of the dog’s head.

Depending on the type of bulldog you own, neck measurements can vary greatly.

French Bulldog Neck Size

French Bulldogs have smaller necks than English Bulldogs, with sizes ranging  from around 11 to 15  inches, so you’ll typically want to find a dog collar in this range.

English Bulldog Neck Size

English Bulldog neck sizes range from around 15 to 22  inches, so you’ll typically want to find a dog collar in this range.

Temperament of the Bulldog

Another factor that will influence your decision when it comes to choosing Bulldog collars is the dog’s temperament. Both French and English bulldogs are generally friendly, intelligent, and loyal, but they do have certain differences.

While French bulldogs are more outgoing, full of energy, and enjoy cuddling, they are often independent and stubborn. English bulldogs, on the other hand, tend to be more reserved and calmer. Both can be provoked like any other breed, and some may be more prone to pulling or more easily startled than others, so standard or more heavy-duty collars might be needed depending on your dog’s personality.

Dog Collars for French Bulldogs

For French bulldogs, which are typically smaller than their British cousins, you’ll typically want to get French bulldog collars between 11 to 15 inches in length.

If your dog is calm and more obedient, you can get a standard nylon or leather Bulldog collar. Martingales may be more ideal if your dog is aggressive or likes to pull, and is in the training process. Martingale collars are more comfortable and less harmful than choke collars, while still giving the owner more control.

Best Collar for English Bulldog

The best British bulldog collars to get for your English bulldog will be a bit larger, with neck sizes somewhere between 15 to 22 inches.

The type of collar you decide to get will be the same you would get for a French bulldog, depending on temperament. Standard or martingale collars could be the best choices based on aggression level or general energy levels.

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