Red Dog Leashes

Red is the color of love, courage, and boldness. There is no better color to show off your furry friend’s style than with a stunning red dog leash. Mimi Green’s selection of red dog leashes includes Christmas-themed leashes, leather, studded, waterproof biothane, and more.

Our handcrafted designer dog leashes are made to match your pup’s one-of-a-kind style. Your dog deserves the best! You can choose from up to 22 colors other than red, a stainless steel or brass snap hook, and add a riveted nameplate with engraving. Oh, and if you want to match your pup, you can even add a matching wristlet key fob with most of our leashes. Browse our vast selection of red dog leashes below!

22 Colors
22 Colors
All Flannel

Classic Mimi Green Dog Leashes

Mimi Green Dog Leash – All Flannel Styles

All Webbing
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $17.99.
Original price was: $40.00.Current price is: $15.99.

Red Dog Collar And Leash

Walk your dog in style with a matching dog collar and leash. Browse our selection of red dog collars to turn your pup into the ultimate style icon. You can match color, material, and custom engravings so your pup can walk in style.

What Does a Red Dog Leash Mean?

Like leashes of other colors, a red dog leash typically does not have a specific universal meaning on its own. The color of a dog leash is often a matter of personal preference or style chosen by the dog owner. Some people may choose a red dog leash simply because they like the color red or because it matches their dog’s collar or their own accessories.

However, in certain contexts, a red dog leash may be used to indicate that a dog needs space or has specific behavioral issues. For example, some dog owners use red leashes, collars, or harnesses to signal to others that their dog should not be approached or that they require extra caution. This is often called a “red flag” or “red zone” system and is used to communicate that the dog may be aggressive, fearful, or in training.