Dog Collar Hydrangea Flower — 25 Colors


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Dog Collar Hydrangea Flower — 25 Colors


  • Choose from 25 colors to add a little fancy to your pup’s look.
  • Great for weddings, parties, birthdays or everyday wear. Mostly everyday wear, dog’s gotta look fresh.

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What’s the story about this dog collar flower?

Not totally a traditional hydrangea, but we had to cut ourselves some slack. We made this dog collar flower by hand and the petals of an authentic hydrangea would take all. dang. day.

Amanda + Dan’s wedding bouquets were made of hydrangeas so of course it is Amanda’s favorite flower (Dan forgot what kind they chose 2 min after he saw them)  Choose from 25 colors to add a little fancy to your pup’s look (the wedding flowers were white, toffee and orange **I still swoon**…)

Your dog will appreciate this lightweight flower’s comfort and super cool look. You will appreciate how dashing your pup looks in their collar flower.


  • Handmade from American made wool felt
  • Elastic ring wraps around collar to secure the flower to your dog’s collar and easily remove to wash
  • Washable (gentle cycle + air dry)
  • Made in the USA

(Collar not included. To purchase a Mimi Green Collar, click ‘Collars’ in navigation)

Details + Fit

Size medium is the best size for most dogs, size small is cute as a button.

Want to twin with your dog? Add a matching hair clip for yourself!

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