Large Dog Collars for Large Breeds

Finding the perfect collar for a large breed dog can be tough. You need something that’s durable and reflects the unique personality of your pet. You need Mimi Green!

Style Without Compromise

At Mimi Green, you don’t have to sacrifice strength and durability for style. We incorporate the basic necessities of all dog collars (strong, long lasting, washable) into all of our fashionable designs. By handcrafting each collar we make, your dog will not only be wearing a chic one-of-a-kind piece, but be sporting the ultimate in doggy couture!

Custom Collars for Large Dogs

Mimi Green specializes in crafting custom collars for extra big dogs. We do our best to make our collars as comfortable as possible for big pups by using contoured buckles that fit the curves in your dog’s neck. Our large breed dog collars are fun and funky—and can be tailored to obtain the best fit for your dog! Find your pet’s next favorite dog collar today!

Can’t Find the Right Size? Give Us a Call!

Our designer collars come in many sizes to accommodate the largest of dogs. If you do not see a size that will fit your dog, please contact us and we will do our best to create a custom extra large dog collar for your pooch. We want to make sure that your pet gets the best fit.

Whether you need the perfect collar for your German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees or anything in between, ShopMimiGreen.com has got the coolest selection of large breed designer dog collars for you to check out!

Mimi Green Quality

  • Unique Creations — no two are exactly alike! We use high-quality fashion fabric and material to handcraft every collar we make.
  • Crafted with Designer Fabrics — you’ll love the cool, fresh look of our designer fabrics and materials!
  • Secured with Contoured Buckles — these buckles are designed to fit the curves of your dog’s neck for ultimate comfort.
  • Made in the USA — we take great pride in providing quality, American-made dog collars to fashion conscious dog owners.
  • Washable — our collars are designed to be worn. With wear, comes the need for cleaning. To keep your dog’s collar in pristine condition, wash on the gentle cycle and air dry.

Have your pup step out with their best paws forward! At Mimi Green, your dogs can match their collars with a variety of accessories toshow off their unique styles!

Our Favorite Large Dog Breeds

Alaskan Malamute • Bernese Mountain Dog • Bullmastiff • Cane Corso • Tibetan Mastiff • Doberman Pinscher • Chesapeake Bay Retriever • Dogue de Bordeaux • Golden Retriever • Rhodesian Ridgeback • German Shorthaired Pointer • Irish Setter • Great Pyrenees • Weimaraner • Great Dane • Neapolitan Mastiff • Newfoundland • Irish Wolfhound • Black Russian Terrier • Bloodhound • Rottweiler • Greater Swiss Mountain Dog • Scottish Deerhound • Leonberger • Collie • English Mastiff • Old English Sheepdog • Labrador Retriever • Poodle • Akita • Dalmatian • Boxer • German Shepherd • Bouvier des Flandres • Komondor • Kuvasz • Bull Terrier • Bulldog • Beagle • Dachshund • French Bulldog • Giant Schnauzer • St. Bernard • Siberian Husky • Airedale Terrier • Australian Shepherd • Basset Hound • Malinois dog • Shar Pei • Briard • Borzoi • Otterhound • English Foxhound • English Setter • Gordon Setter • Curly Coated Retriever • Flat-Coated Retriever • German Pinscher

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