Designer Dog Harnesses
for Your Cool Dog

We combined our cool Mimi Green style with your dog’s need for comfort, safety, and easy living and we got our new step-in Designer Dog Harnesses! We make harnesses tiny enough to accommodate dogs as small as puppies, and ones large enough for the lovable giants. Each harness we make at Mimi Green is made to order for your special dog.

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Tough nylon webbing in 26 rich colors! This is the reliable stand-by… also great for your active dog.

webbing swatches

– From $24.00–

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Luxurious Swiss velvet is washable, dirt resistant, strong and long lasting and comes in over 15 colors.

velvet swatches

– From $39.99 –

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Make a statement! Our classic collection has endless patterns in cotton, linen, canvas, voile and more.

classic swatches

– From $39.99 –

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Laminated & Oilcloth

Shiny, stain & dirt resistant, resists water, brightly colored, super easy to clean, and dang cool designs.

laminated oil cloth swatches

– From $39.99–

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A must for night walks… the 3M reflective tape looks gray in the day, but is brilliantly reflective at night.

– From $39.99 –

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Step-in Designer Dog Harnesses

All your dog has to do is step in their front legs, you pull up and snap, and you two are ready to go. Couldn’t be easier or better looking!

'Yogi' Designer Dog Harness

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