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And the winner is…

I have been so excited for today — you would have thought that I had entered and had a chance at winning. I guess I was just excited to see which of you would win — I had so much fun reading all your comments and I really wished all of you could win! 

I wasn't sure how we were going to choose a winner, so I asked my 11-year old son Noah to choose a number between one and 100 (to coorospond with each comment) He chose a number and the winner is….

Sarah Miller! 

I "like" (but really LOVE!) Mimi Green on Facebook!

Posted by: Sarah | January 02, 2012 at 10:21 PM

Congrats Sarah, you win a laminated cotton collar & leash of your choice! (we will email you with all the details!) 

and… she's not the only lucky winner today. 

Our runner up, who wins for being the most creative (I mean, he made a sign people!) is…

Louie the Frenchie and his momma Jess!  

Louie wins a laminated cotton collar of his choice. 


Thanks for entering! That was really fun, we'll be sure to do it more often!!


Laminated Cotton Dog Collar & Leash Giveaway!

I am so excited to finally have the first 5 of our new Laminated Cotton Dog Collars, Leashes & Harnesses up for sale!  We released 3 before the holidays and have had a huge response.

To offer our thanks for all your support this past year we are giving away a laminated cotton collar & leash set of your choice!


dog collar & Leash giveaway Laminated cotton

Here’s how to enter the giveaway for a chance to win the collar and leash set (a $60 value).

Please leave ONE comment on our blog for each item you complete. 

(post comments below by clicking the Comments link) 

Receive one entry for each of the following things you complete:

  1. Like  MimiGreen on Facebook.
  2. Share about this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter.  You can say something like “Check out the  @ShopMimiGreen blog, http://www.BlogMimiGreen for a chance to win a new collar and leash set!”
  3. Share about the giveaway on Pinterest.
  4. Sign up for our once a week Doggie Deals email (you will get an email every Monday with links to 3 heavily discounted Mimi Green items!

Each item will give you one entry to the contest. And remember to leave seperate Comments for each item you complete.  Blog Comments = number of entries you get!

This giveaway ends Friday Jan 6 and we will announce the winner Monday Jan 9. 


Mimi Green on Facebook and a new contest!

Okay, new contest. We are giving away a $35 Mimi Green Gift Certificate to one lucky winner this month! Here's what we need:

We are trying to rock this whole Facebook phenomenon and we need your help.

To Enter, become a fan of Mimi Green of Facebook and then upload a photo of your dog wearing its Mimi gear. Sounds easy, right?

You have 30 days, so get your entry in soon! WooHoo! Look forward to seeing you photos

I am stuck on you… 2009 magnetic calendar

So glad that I got all my Christmas orders out in time! I felt like I was winding down from it all on Sunday. I promised myself that I wouldn't do an ounce of work, but I couldn't help it. I had to at least design some new Mimi stuff.

I don't want to spoil the surprise of the new stationary or magnets, but I will show one thing. The first 10 orders of 2009 will be receiving this awesome Mimi Green fridge calendar.


Isn't my Cessie a super beautiful calendar girl??

2009 — geez can you believe it?

We have a Winner!


All your entries…

Noah mixing them all up (while Etta and Auggie help;) The one sitting on Auggie's bouncer is blank, Noah chose that one first, how a blank one ended up in there who knows!IMG_8234

Then Noah's dirty little hands chose a winner! And she has a very beautiful name. hehe.

Auggie clapped. The whole thing made him very happy. Afterward we let him play with the entries and he dumped them ALL over my studio. It was okay with me since he had such a good time doing it, its just paper afterall 😉 (at least that is how I explained it to my husband!)

Congrats Amanda and thank you to everyone who entered. We will do this again very soon.

World’s Most Awesome-ist Contest. Ever. Period.

In case I didn’t tell you a hundred times before, we launched a new website last week!

In honnor of that we are doing something we have never done before here at Mimi Green —
we are giving away a collar and leash set!
All you have to do to enter is this:

For 1 entry: Tell us what Mimi Green Collar, which you will find on our new website!,  suits your dog best and why. You can do that in the comment section down below.

For 2 entries: Leave the comment and put a link to us on your blog. Just tell us where the link is.

For 4 entries: Link to us using this banner image on your blog, again let us know about it.


(<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”mg”></a>)

And for good heath and prosperity, tell 3 friends. That would be awesome of you.

We will draw a winner at Random on Oct. 14th. That gives you lots of time to tell everyone you know. Winning would be like getting $40 in the mail for free.  Who wouldn’t want that??

We have the most awesome customers in the world here at Mimi Green. Everyone I have talked to has been an absolute joy. Now it is my turn to give back so make sure and enter to win, okay?