Personalized Laminated Small Dog or Cat Collar


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Personalized Laminated Small Dog or Cat Collar


Lightweight and teenie tiny, this collar is perfect for puppies, toy breeds + some indoor cats. Our engraved buckle is personalized with your pet’s info so they are safe + stylish!

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  • Choose Size

    Buckles only warrantied for up to 10 inches in length. Beyond that, we only recommend using this collar for ID purposes but not for walking or tie out. 

  • Choose Color/Style

  • Choose Buckle

    Because of it's small size this buckle can be difficult to open — This does not mean it is defective, but highly secure. Please choose the next size up - 5/8” - if this may pose a problem. 

    Buckle Engraving

    20 character maximum.

    20 character maximum.

    Please double check for accuracy as personalized items are not returnable or exchangeable.

  • Optional

  • Dress up your dog's look with a custom key fob

Mimi Green Puppy + Toy Dog Collars are just as cool as our regular dog collars but designed just for tiny pup!

  • Made with a lightweight, brushed metal + plastic hybrid buckle
  • It utilizes a strong plastic d-ring  so you can easily attach a bell or ID tag
  • It’s made in the USA
  • It’s built to last—we use tough nylon webbing that can withstand over 3,100 pounds of pressure
  • Our Laminated Cotton is shiny, stain & dirt resistant, resists water, brightly colored, super easy to clean, and dang cool.

NOTE: While you can walk your puppy on this collar, we recommend using a harness while walking on a leash.

CAT NOTE: I love this collar for my indoor cat because he can’t get it off, but want to give the warning that this buckle will not break away if your cat gets stuck on something by its collar, which can cause choking. If you are a cat owner who wants a safety breakaway buckle, we also sell those CLICK HERE.

Weight 0.37499999966931 lbs

Mimi Green


Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


Laminated Cotton




Mimi Green


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