Super Cool Small Dog Collars for your dog

There are a variety of cute dog collars on the market today. Unfortunately, not all of them are made with small dogs in mind.

At Mimi Green, we understand the unique needs of small dogs. A collar must be appropriate for a small dog’s fragile neck. It must not be too tight or too loose—it must fit just right. All Mimi Green dog collars for small dogs are:

  • Unique Creations—no two are exactly alike! We use high-quality fashion fabric and handcraft every collar we make.
  • Crafted with Designer Fabrics—you’ll love the cool, fresh look of our designer fabrics!
  • Secured with Contoured Buckles—these buckles are designed to fit the curves of your dog’s neck for ultimate comfort.
  • Made in the USA—we take great pride in providing quality, American-made dog collars to fashion conscious dog owners.
  • Washable—our collars are designed to be worn. With wear, comes the need for cleaning. To keep your small dog’s collar in pristine condition, wash on the gentle cycle and air dry.

Want to make sure your small dog is always putting his or her best face forward? Mimi Green offers matching fashion leashes and cute accessories to bring out your small dog’s unique style!

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Our Favorite Small Dog Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier • Shih Tzu • ChihuahuaCavalier King Charles Spaniel • Papillon • Pomeranian • Havanese • Maltese • Pug • Miniature Pinscher • Griffon Bruxellois • Pekingese • Australian Silky Terrier • King Charles Spaniel • Chinese Crested Dog • Dachshund • Shiba Inu • Japanese Chin • Boston Terrier • Bichon Frise • Poodle • Italian Greyhound • Toy Fox Terrier • Miniature Schnauzer • Norwich Terrier • Schipperke • Beagle • French Bulldog • Australian Terrier • Affenpinscher • West Highland White Terrier • Toy Manchester Terrier • Scottish Terrier • Border Terrier • Lhasa Apso • Rat Terrier • Cairn Terrier • Löwchen • American Eskimo Dog • Dandie Dinmont Terrier • Bedlington Terrier • Cesky Terrier • Coton de Tulear • Jack Russell Terrier • Lakeland Terrier • Welsh Terrier • Basenji • Cardigan Welsh Corgi • Norfolk Terrier • Shetland Sheepdog • Bolognese • English Cocker Spaniel • Tibetan Spaniel • Parson Russell Terrier • Biewer Terrier • Sealyham Terrier • Tibetan Terrier • Alaskan Klee Kai • Swedish Vallhund • Brazilian Terrier • Japanese Spitz • Phalène • American Hairless Terrier • Pembroke Welsh Corgi • Airedale Terrier • Azawakh • Glen of Imaal Terrier

Peruse our favorite collars for your pint-sized pup!

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Rated 5.00 out of 5

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Super Cool Collars for the Super Cool Dog