1.5 Inch Wide Holiday Velvet Dog Collar


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1.5 Inch Wide Holiday Velvet Dog Collar


  • Holiday Chic velvet
  • Santa LOVES dogs in holiday collars
  • Holiday spirit x 1,000
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  • Character Limit:10.  Only 5 characters on small, extra small and martingale collars.

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  • Leash snap hook will match collar buckle. 

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Our Wide Holiday Velvet Dog Collar from Mimi Green is luxurious, soft, strong, and will help keep your dog safe with our buckle’s custom engraved ID! The 1.5 inch width is a great size for greyhounds (we can make this collar into a martingale!) or large breed dogs.

We provide personalized information engraved directly onto the buckle. The velvet dog collar is handmade in the USA, created with gorgeous Swiss-imported velvet. Nylavour Swiss velvet is widely considered to be the best available. We just love how it combines with nylon webbing, welded d-ring, and engraved buckle to create a beautiful dog collar.

  • Made with a strong plastic buckle. Great for Large dogs because chances of breakage decrease dramatically vs a metal buckle with moving parts.
  • Another feature – It utilizes large gauge D-Rings, therefore you can rest assured your pooch is secure on his or her lead
  • The collar features washable nylon webbing + washable velvet. As a result, you are able to keep your pup’s specialty dog collar in pristine condition
  • It’s made & engraved in the USA
  • Furthermore, It’s built to last—made using tough nylon webbing which can withstand over 3,100 pounds of pressure
  • Even more, Personalized buckle collar has 2 -3 lines laser engraving on the buckle. Maximum of 20 characters per line
  • Finally, Buckle is custom laser marked using deep pristine white text and also your choice of font. 

NOTE FOR HAND EMBROIDERY ONLY. If at all possible, it is best that we know the length of your dog’s current collar. This way there will be no chance of the adjustment piece covering their name due to sizing. You can let us know in the notes section at checkout, as a result the embroidery will be visible. Note: Our new Hybrid Buckles have a black male end, not a silver as pictured. Customers can view current buckle selections in the buckle menu. Lastly, buckles are not suitable for tie-out use!

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