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Bling Dog Collars: The Next Big Thing in Dog Fashion

These days, there’s bling everywhere you look. The fashion industry has so much bling that [...]

Fancy Dog Collars -From Plaid to Bling

If you are at all like me, your dog is the prince or princess of [...]

Sibling Rivelry; the secret lives of doggie sisters part 1

“You talking to me Mom?” “What’s that you say? I am not supposed to kick [...]

21 Unique Dog Collars: 2021 Favorites List

Our leather martingale collar is perfect for those who want a martingale collar that has [...]

Essential Items for Dog Walks

Walking your dog is one of the most rewarding parts of being a dog owner. [...]

True Love Has Four Paws:
A Heartwarming Valentine’s Day Dog Story

For dog lovers, our pups play such a big part in our lives and our [...]

Best Collars for Puppies – How to Pick One

You brought your new puppy home, now what?! Well of course after getting food, the [...]

Bella Creature Comforts Joins Shop Mimi Green along with 5 Others!

This week has been mad I tell you! Well, so was last week for that [...]

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