21 Unique Dog Collars: 2021 Favorites List

Unique Martingale Dog Collars

1. Leather Martingale Dog Collar with Brass Riveted Nameplate

Our leather martingale collar is perfect for those who want a martingale collar that has a classic and high-end feel. The brass riveted nameplate is not only visually pleasing, but is large too, making ID information easy to spot. Choose from a variety of beautiful, rich leather colors, including tan, black, dark brown, olive green, and red.

2. Personalized Buckle Martingale Dog Collar in Nylon Webbing

We also offer martingale collars made with durable nylon webbing. The durable material is made to last for even the most active pups and comes in a variety of head-turning colors, including lime green, dolphin blue, and green apple. What’s more, it’s easy to use, thanks to months of testing! In fact, our customers have told us that it’s the best and easier collar they’ve ever used. These collars also have a personalizable buckle where you can engrave your dog’s name and contact information.

3. Personalized Martingale Dog Collar in Cotton Voile Styles

Want a fun and bold look for your pup? Our personalized nylon webbing martingale dog collar can be styled with a variety of cotton voile bright floral prints to choose from. Like our nylon webbing collars and many others, this collar also comes with a customizable buckle where you can get your furry friend’s name and contact information engraved.

Unique Leather Dog Collars

1. Custom Studded Leather Collar with a Quasar Pattern

Made to order with full grain leather in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this custom studded collar is the perfect accessory that will turn heads on your daily walks. Choose from a variety of leather colors, including navy, burgundy, and classic dark brown. The striking quasar pattern can be customized with many different jewels as well, including rose quartz, emerald, and blue topaz.

2. Custom Studded Leather Collar with a Flying V Pattern

This collar is another one of our favorites for 2021. Like the last collar, this studded leather collar can be customized with a variety of leather colors. The classic Flying V pattern is a perfect southwestern style that will help your furry friend stand out at the dog park!

3. Personalized Engraved Leather Dog Collar

Like all of our other leather collars, this collar is made from USA-sourced full grain leather and is the utmost highest quality. This dog collar is personalizable too. Not only can you choose from a selection of leather colors, but you can also choose different buckle styles and colors. If you opt for the side release buckle, you can get your dog’s name and contact information engraved onto it.

4. Leather Dog Collar with Personalized Riveted Nameplate

This beautiful leather collar is bold and unique with its personalized riveted nameplate. Put your dog’s name and contact information front and center so you can have peace of mind knowing that your pup’s safety is being made a priority.

Unique Small Dog Collars

1. Herringbone Small Dog Collar

This herringbone small dog collar is a classic, cute look for your puppy or small adult dog. From girly baby pink and lavender to bright, fun magenta and apple green, there are many colors to choose from to complement your dog’s personality.

2. Personalized Velvet Small Dog Collar

Need an elegant, fancy look for your favorite furry friend? We think our personalized velvet small dog collar is the perfect choice. The Swiss velvet is high-quality and comes in over 25 colors – it even comes in a fun leopard print!

3. Personalized Laminated Small Dog Collar

Our laminated small dog collars keep your collar clean and looking good as new! They are stain and dirt resistant, water resistant, and super easy to clean, meaning they are perfect for the dog that isn’t afraid to get dirty when playing outside. The collar comes in a variety of fun prints, including our ‘Agave,’ ‘Smokey,’ and ‘Zinnia’ patterns.

Unique Large Dog Collars

1. ELLA Feminine Floral Dog Collar – 1.5 Inch Wide for Large Dogs & Greyhounds

Having trouble finding the right size for your large pup? Look no further! The ELLA floral dog collar is the perfect size for your large dog or greyhound. The fun, floral print is designed with bright, beautiful colors, so you and your pup are sure to receive compliments at the dog park!

2. 1.5-Inch Wide Beachy Collar Personalized Dog Collar

Calling all beach lovers! This 1.5-inch collar has a beachy, breezy print that is perfect for a day playing in the waves. This collar offers a few different patterns and different nylon webbing options, including ocean blue and yellow, so you can customize the dog collar to fit your pup’s look.

3. 1.5-Inch Wide Leather Dog Collar with Engraved Riveted Nameplate

Our leather dog collar with the engraved riveted nameplate is also available for bigger dogs! The collar is made with the same high-quality, USA-sourced leather and comes in all of the same great colors, including eggplant purple, black, red, and more.

4. 1.5-Inch Wide Reflective Dog Collar

If you like walking your dog in the evening or at night, safety is of the utmost importance. Our 1.5-inch wide reflective dog collar will keep your dog safe and visible. What’s more, it’s durable, built to last, and comes in fun colors like coral pink and sapphire blue!

Cool Female Dog Collars

1. Rose Gold Dog Collar

You can’t get more girly than a rose gold dog collar! The collar is a fun light pink and is woven with a sparkly gold thread to add some bling to the look. The collar can also be personalized by choosing from a variety of different nylon webbing collars, including raspberry and strawberry pink.

2. Garden Party Floral Canvas Dog Collar

The Garden Party Floral Canvas is perfect for spring and summertime! The stunning floral print is designed by Rifle Paper Co. and adds a girly touch to your pup’s look. Not only that – the canvas is washable and durable, so it will always look good as new… even after a long day of play!

3. 1.5 Inch Wide Personalized Dog Collar — Rifle Paper Co. Monarch Butterfly Pattern

This Monarch butterfly print is also designed by Rifle Paper Co. The collar comes with the choice of either a dark blue or pink background, and each is equally striking. The washable woven fabric means you’ll never have to worry about this collar looking dirty!

Cool Male Dog Collars

1. Black Waterproof Dog Collar with Riveted Nameplate

Have a dog that loves playing in the water? A waterproof collar is the best option since it’s long-lasting, and won’t get grungy like canvas or other fabrics can. This simple, classic black collar gives off a masculine feel and the riveted nameplate adds a simple, stylish flair that puts safety at the forefront.

2. Buffalo Plaid Dog Collar

This collar gives us “lumberjack” vibes, making it one of our favorites for boy dogs! Not only does the Buffalo Plaid look stylish and eye-catching, but it’s also built to last with our highly-durable nylon webbing. After a day of play, the material can be washed so it can look fresh for as long as you own it.

3. Camouflage Dog Collar

Offered in green or grey camo, this is the perfect collar for man’s best friend! Your dog will look tough (but adorable) in this collar. To top it all off, The look can be completed with a camo keychain, leash or bandana to match!

4. ‘Arrow’ Personalized Cotton Voile Dog Collar

Our ‘Arrow’ print is perfect for boy dogs! The brown and tan tones make for an earthy collar that is the ultimate choice for style and comfort. The collar is made in the USA and is high-quality. The buckle is custom laser-engraved with deep pristine text and your choice of font, so you won’t have to worry about a dog-tag getting in the way of playtime!

Give Your Pup Something They’ll Love This Year

Our Mimi Green collars are stylish and durable, making them perfect for everyday wear. Choose from our wide selection of customizable dog collars and find the perfect one that matches your dog’s unique look and personality!

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