In some cases it can be difficult to find the right collar for your dog, particularly with newly adopted pets.

If you want more control over your dog than what you would have with a regular collar, you may want to consider  a martingale collar.

If your dog has a tendency to pull or slip out of a traditional collar, a martingale collar may be the right choice for you and your pet.

What Is a Martingale Dog Collar?

martingale is a type of dog collar that provides more control over the animal without the choking effect of a slip collar.

Do Martingale Collars Help with Pulling?

These collars feature two main sections: a control loop and a fixed portion. A leash attaches using a D-ring on the collar’s control loop. When your dog pulls, the control loop tightens the collar enough to keep him or her from slipping out but not so much that the collar chokes or injures your dog. The collar then loosens again when the walker releases the tension on the control loop.

Many rescue organizations both use and recommend these collars, especially when working with shelter dogs that tend to be more prone to anxiety.


What Is the Purpose of a Martingale Collar?

Ultimately, martingale collars give owners additional control compared to more traditional collars, which is useful for dogs that have a tendency to pull to the point of breaking free from their collars. At the same time, martingale collars don’t pose an injury risk like many choke collars do.

When a martingale collar tightens, it distributes equal pressure around the neck, which prevents escape and choking injuries.

Should I Use a Martingale Collar for My Dog?

If your dog is skittish, tends to pull a lot when walking, or slips easily from their more traditional collar, you may consider choosing a martingale dog collar as a safe and effective alternative. Martingale dog collars are often a safer choice for those pups who like to pull and often slip out of their normal collars.

Many personalized designs can also allow you do display ID information and a unique color to help identify your dog if he or she gets lost.

Is a Martingale Dog Collar a Choke Collar?

No, martingale collars are not choke collars, as they only tighten enough to keep the dog from breaking free. Choke collars, on the other hand, along with prong collars, are designed to cause pain and discomfort when a dog pulls, and are often made of metal chains. Martingale collars are made of fabric that’s softer and doesn’t snap when pulled unlike a metal choke collar, as dogs may become further startled by the sound.

Are Martingale Collars Cruel?

Unlike choke collars, martingale collars don’t cause a level of discomfort to a dog, instead holding them back when pulling while avoiding injury. This helps ensure that the dog can learn not to pull over time without theassociated pain response that can often accompany a choke collar. With a martingale collar, you can remain comfortable in knowing that these collars won’t hurt your dog when tightened.

Types of Martingale Collars

There are two main types of martingale dog collars you can choose from, including standard and buckle martingale collars.

Standard martingale collars don’t feature a buckle, and must be adjusted large enough to allow the owner to slip them over the dog’s head and then further fitted when worn for a snug fit. These are better for smaller dogs who can’t comfortably carry the additional weight that a buckle would contribute. However, they’re durable enough to prevent pulling.

Buckle martingale collars are ideal if you want a more convenient design. Using a quick release buckle made from either plastic or metal that makes the collar easier to remove. Buckle martingales are better for larger dogs with bigger heads or dogs whose ears are sensitive to touch. They’re also great for skittish dogs that are more likely to resist collars slipped over the head.

Many personalized options are available, from laser engraved buckles to slide on ID tags featuring your pet’s name, family phone number and address and/or microchip number.  Many color and pattern options are also available to fit both you and your pups unique sense of style.  

How Tight Should a Martingale Collar Be?

A martingale collar should be just tight enough to make sure the neck is snug and the collar won’t slip off. You can determine tightness by first measuring the size of your dog’s neck and head to help you select the right collar.

How to Size a Martingale Dog Collar

First, you’ll want to measure your dog’s neck size using a soft tape measure and wrapping it around your dog’s neck where the collar will be. Then you can pull the tape so it’s snug but not too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers between the dog’s neck and tape without too much constriction. If tape isn’t available, you can use string and follow the same instructions.

Next, you’ll want to measure the dog’s head size. Using the same measuring tools as you would use to measure the neck, you can measure the head beginning at the throat and continuing around the entire head, ears included.

For small dogs, the typical width of a martingale collar will be around 3/4”, while the most common option for medium to large dogs is 1” and the most popular option for medium to extra-large dogs is 1.5”.

These measurements will help you find the best martingale dog collar for your pet.

Are Martingale Dog Collars Good for Training?

The fact that martingale collars don’t cause injury or pain, while still providing enough resistance to hold your dog in place, makes them ideal for training. Whether you have a small or large dog who likes to pull, you can choose the appropriate martingale collar for training purposes. Over time, with proper training and the assistance of a martingale collar, your dog can learn to stop pulling.

Can Martingale Dog Collars Be Left On?

There are certain safety considerations when it comes to martingale collars. Owners should avoid leaving martingales on unsupervised dogs as the collar can get snagged on something, which could either tighten the collar to a dangerous point or pull the collar off entirely.

If you plan on letting your pet play outside off the leash, it’s best to fit your dog with a traditional buckle collar that includes ID tags or a laser engraved personalized buckle.

What Is the Best Martingale Dog Collar?

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