6 Patterned Dog Collars Your Dog Will Absolutely Love

The dog collar you choose can help to capture the essence of your best (pooch) friend and enhance your own personal style. And as such choosing the perfect patterned dog collar for both you and your pup can be tricky.

A dog collar will capture the entire essence of your dog and picking the right one is an absolute must. And once you dive into the world of patterned dog collars, it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect patterned collar for your best friend.

That’s where Mimi Green can help. We at Mimi Green work hard to find the hippest, newest patterns of the season taking out the guesswork! As a premier source for dog fashion, we work closely with the designers and manufacturers of today’s hottest patterns and fabrics, and we’ve compiled a complete list of our favorite patterned dog collars. Here we’ll help you decide on the absolute best-patterned dog collar for you and your furry friend:

1. Floral Dog Collars

goldie dog collar w engraved buckleLooking for something to bring a pop of lively colors and warm spirits? Florally patterned collars may be perfect for your pet. Floral patterns come in a variety of colors, designs, and floral types. Maybe a cute daisy design is what you’re looking for or how about an intricate floral combination design? If you’re a floral junkie, don’t pass up the opportunities that floral designs hold.

Our absolute favorite floral design is the ‘Goldie’ Metallic Gold Canvas Dog Collar. This collar incorporates a variety of floral and leaf designs to create a unique design that you don’t see every day.

2. Polka Dot Dog Collars

polka dot and chevron dog collarDo you love quirky designs for your pup? Polka dot collars may be perfect for you. Polka dots are a classic fit for any dog. Black, yellow, pink, purple, orange polka dots, whatever your preference, it’s out there.

Mimi Green carries a variety of polka dot collars. We’re huge fans of the ‘Stewie’ Pola Dot and Chevron Dog Collar. This design pulls together the compromising designs of polka dot and chevron to create a surprisingly complimentary design.

3. Paisley Dog Collars

Bandana Dog CollarPaisley is another classic that’s impossible to pass up. You truly can never go wrong with a classic paisley. It works on almost any dog and is the perfect simple design if you’re not looking for anything too flashy.

Our personal favorite paisley dog collar is the ‘Bandit’ Bandana Dog Collar. This design comes in a total of 3 colors and reminds us of a western cowboy theme. So, if you’re looking to transform your dog’s style with a wild west feel, be sure to check this design out!

4. Plaid Dog Collars

Plaid is IN right now and you heard it here first! There’s no doubt your pup will look great in a traditional plaid color. And the best thing about plaid? You can easily throw on a flannel and match with your best friend.

At Mimi Green, we carry a variety of plaid dog collars but our absolute favorite at the moment is the ‘Buffalo’ Plaid Dog Color. This traditional plaid color comes in a total of 5 flannel colors and is nearly impossible to pass up.

5. Striped Dog Collars

viva hand woven dog collarIf you’re looking for an eye-catching design, stripes are for you. You can find collars in nearly every color of stripes. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist single striped collar or an exciting multi-colored option, you’re bound to find the perfect fit.

Our favorite striped option is, of course, the ‘Viva’ Woven Fabric Dog Collar. This distinct collar incorporates nearly every color of the rainbow and is the perfect accessory for your furry friend. Stripes are always a winner.

6. Geometric Print Dog Collars

slater 90s dog collarIf you’re really looking for something to make your pup stand out, a geometric patterned collar is for you. Geometric patterns combine a variety of miscellaneous shapes to create a complimentary design.

We carry a versatile selection of geometrically patterned dog collars but our favorite is by far the ‘Slater’ Canvas Dog Collar. It incorporates a variety of fun shapes to create an overall exciting design.

Shop all these patterned dog collars and more with Mimi Green today!


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