Chew-Proof Dog Collars vs Chew-Resistant Dog Collars: Is There a Such Thing as a Chew-Proof Dog Collar?

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Dogs are known for chewing things—whether it be their toys, your belongings, or their collars. Unfortunately, we can’t always stop our dogs from chewing things they aren’t supposed to—like their collars—but there are collar options out there that are less susceptible to damage from chewing and other abuses. 

Chew-resistant dog collars—sometimes incorrectly referred to as chew-proof dog collars—are the ultimate solution for dogs who just can’t help but chew at their collars.

So, let’s take a closer look at what chew-resistant dog collars are, how they differ from chew-proof collars, when to use them, what to look for in a chew-resistant dog collar, tips for preventing your dog from chewing its collar, and the best chew-resistant dog collars on the market.

What Is a Chew-Resistant Collar?

A chew-resistant dog collar is an adjustable dog collar that provides you and your pup with the additional security and durability needed to prevent damage from chewing. These collars are often used for dogs who have high levels of energy, anxiety, stress, or boredom. 

Why Buy a Chew-Resistant Dog Collar?

Dog collars are for more than just looks; they are for the safety and protection of your pup. A chewed or broken collar can be very dangerous, so if your dog is a chewer, it is important that you invest in a chew-resistant collar.

Do Chew-Proof Collars Exist? 

Let’s be clear: There is no such thing as a dog collar that is chew proof or completely indestructible. Regardless of the claims made by dog collar manufacturers and companies, there’s no material that can stand up to a determined chewing dog.

However, there are many dog collars that are made from strong and durable materials which make the collars more resistant to chewing and other abuses.

Is There a Dog Collar That Can’t Be Chewed?

While it may seem like a chain link collar is the way to go for dogs that like to chew, these collars are often heavy, uncomfortable, and unsafe. Additionally, if your dog does chew at this type of collar, damaged teeth and high vet bills could be the price you pay. If dogs can chew through a chain link fence, they can chew through a chain link collar.

chain collar

Chain-Link Collar

Chew-Proof vs Chew-Resistant Dog Collars

Manufacturers and sellers of dog collars will typically claim that their dog collars are chew proof, when in fact they are chew resistant. Be on the lookout for companies that are honest about the fact that no dog collar is truly indestructible. 

What to Look for in Chew-Resistant Dog Collars

Durable Materials

Certain materials—such as nylon, leather, and biothane—are more resistant to chewing than others. Look for a collar that is made from one of these durable materials.

Good Fit

If you get a durable collar and fit it properly to your dog, it will be much more difficult for your dog to chew its collar. For more information on how to find the right size collar for your dog, check out our dog collar sizing guide.

Comfort & Flexibility

If your dog’s collar is uncomfortable, that may be contributing the chewing. Make sure you choose a comfortable, flexible material that won’t annoy your pup.

3 of Our Best Chew-Resistant Dog Collars

martingale collar waterproof quick side release

1.  Waterproof Chew-Resistant Collar

Lightweight and durable, these chew-resistant dog collars are made from biothane—a waterproof polyester webbing that is easy to clean, extremely durable, and made in the USA. The treatment seals the fabric, making it stronger and more resistant to chewing along with other abuses. 

Even with a chew-resistant collar, you typically still have to worry about other ways your dog’s collar could be damaged or destroyed. However, with Mimi Green’s waterproof biothane dog collars, you can take your dog on outdoor adventures without the worry of ruining your dog’s collar via rain, mud, etc. Mimi Green’s waterproof, chew-resistant collars are built to repel water and grime while also ensuring your pup stays safe and secure in their collar.

Leather Martingale Collars

2.  Leather Chew-Resistant Collar

Leather is one of the most frequently used materials for chew-resistant collars. And at Mimi Green, we value quality and craftsmanship, so all of our leather chew-resistant collars are handmade in the USA with attention to detail. We use thick, full-grain English bridle leather—which is beveled and hand-polished—and we use only the sturdiest hardware.  

You can choose from numerous leather chew-resistant collars including martingale, belt-buckle style, standard clip, and so many more! With Mimi Green, you can also personalize your leather chew-resistant collar with optional buckles or nameplates.

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3.  Nylon Chew-Resistant Collar

Mimi Green’s nylon chew-resistant collars are durable, washable, and made from superior quality nylon—capable of withstanding over 3100 pounds of pressure. They are a go-to choice for active, energetic, and mischievous pups without sacrificing comfort, safety, or style.

The high-quality materials used for Mimi Green’s nylon chew-resistant collars set these handmade collars apart from mass-produced collars, which are easier to chew and break through. These strong and durable dog collars come in 5 sizes, 3 widths, and over 25 colors, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect collar for your chewing pup.

Tips for Preventing Your Dog from Chewing Its Collar

Here are some tips and tricks to help prevent your dog from chewing its collar:

Anti-Chew Spray

Anti-chew spray is a great option for persistent chewers. Anti-chew sprays typically have a scent and taste that deter dogs from chewing on their collars (or whatever else you spray it on).

Physical Exercise 

Some dogs need more physical exercise than others. Be sure to schedule walks, play time, and other forms of exercise for your pup so it doesn’t entertain itself by chewing on its collar.

Mental Stimulation

In addition to physical exercise, dogs need mental stimulation. Make sure you have plenty of toys, balls, etc. that offer your dog the mental stimulation he or she needs. If you catch your dog chewing on its collar, try to redirect attention to the toys instead.

Take the Collar off Sometimes

If you put your dog in a kennel while you are away from home, you could choose to temporarily remove the collar and place it in a safe spot.

Shop Mimi Green’s Chew-Resistant Dog Collars 

Mimi Green offers chew-resistant dog collars in a variety of patterns, designs, materials, and colors. Whether you’re looking for leather chew-resistant collars,  waterproof chew-resistant collars, or something else, Mimi Green can help. 

Personalize any of our chew-resistant dog collars with your dog’s ID information or select “Martingale” when choosing your buckle to add to the safety and protection of your dog’s chew-resistant collar.

Support a small, woman-owned business where all dog collars are designed and handmade in the USA!


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