Doggie Dash and Dawdle Nervousness

I am feeling the crunch more than usual lately, but it is for a good cause. On Nov. 2 we will have a super cool booth at the 26th Annual Doggie Dash and Dawdle at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park. The Dash benifits New Mexico Animal Humane, which in my opinion is the best animal shelter in town.


 I am super excited to be part of this, but super nervous too! I can't sleep because I keep having thoughts like

"What if I don't take enough product to sell and I run out?"

"What if I don't sell anything at all?"

"What if I can't make my booth cool enough?"

"What if I oversleep and miss the whole thing?"

and on and on. Last night Auggie managed to sleep almost the ENTIRE night, which is awesome for him, but his momma was up being a worry wart till 1 am. And not up watching TV or surfing the Internet, I mean up, wide awake in my bed — which is totally the worst.

There is going to be 3,000 people at the Doggie Dash and Dawdle which is the biggest show I have ever done.  Gosh, I am getting butterflies just thinking about it.

My sister Paula interviewed me yesterday for her school project. She asked me what my weapon of choise would be if I were a super hero. I said and eye linner and a sewing hook. I don't feel much like a superhero right now, but I am hoping to turn into one so I can get ready for Nov. 2.  Weapons of choice for that day? A big smile ( that I won't be able to help having because I get to see so many super cool dogs there!) and 100 collars and Leashes. Mimi Green would be proud of that.