Gold Dog Collars: Every Gold Piece for Your Trendy Pup

Used in just about everything from celebrity couture to interior decor, gold accentuates the play of light with exquisite fluidity. And it offers something for everyone’s taste! Sometimes royal and ornate, other times modern and minimalistic, the shades of gold are all the rave.

According to fashion experts, gold and millennial pink won’t go out of style anytime soon. The reason is simple and oh-so-relatable – these trendy yet subtle colors photograph well in social media posts. And just like your pup, gold and rose gold are classy and quirky at the same time.

Here’s how to incorporate them in your doggy’s outfits with Mimi Green accessories:

A Touch of Flowery Spring & Gold

goldie dog collar w engraved buckle

Gold goes well with everything. Take our flowery ‘Goldie’ Metallic Gold Canvas Dog Collar for instance. In any of these four color combinations – black or natural fabric with teal, black, or ash grey webbing – they boast leafy greens, gold branches, and dainty pink flowers reminiscent of eternal spring.

Of course, they come with customizable buckles that double as gold nameplates and can be mixed with leashes of the same or similar color combination. Perfect for posh dogs, these lovely collars can be accessorized with crocheted and velvet flowers.

Glitter, Dazzle, and Sparkle Collars

gold glitter dog collar stackmg site

Every once in a while, every stylish dog owner should allow herself to go over the top and make a bold fashion statement. Besides, every day is a special enough occasion to dress your pup in glitter and wear bright, neon colors. To dazzle and sparkle unapologetically.

As a treat to pups with loud personalities, Mimi Green has designed gold dog collars that combine all the colors of the rainbow with gold glitter. This eye-popping design is the perfect collar for your diva pup.

Retro Pink Rose Gold Collars

rose gold dog collar

Before he made your pup’s favorite movie of all times, Isle of Dogs, cinematic genius Wes Anderson established rose-pink as the ultimate quirky color by painting the interior of his Grand Budapest Hotel with salmon paint – a delightfully retro fusion of pale pinkish-orange.

Mimi Green uses this retro pink in combination with gold buckles to create rose gold collars with gorgeous strawberry shades. And just like Wes Anderson’s movie sets, they are unique without being eccentric and sophisticated without appearing elitist.

Bohemian Chic in Fall Colors – Leather & Gold Dog Collars

Moving on from blush and “Instagram-able” to bronze and “Pinterest-y”, the latest trends in dog fashion introduce gold accents in their natural habitat – harmoniously surrounded by warm fall colors and dipped into bohemian chic.

Such is Mimi Green’s Classic Leather Collection, dominated by tan, dark brown, and black leather and made timeless with matching gold dog leashes. For a dressy variant of the same design, check out these leather collars with metal or brass buckles.

Beyond Gold Dog Collars

Now that your pup has a gold-studded collar and a matching leash, you’ll need one more sparkly item to complete the outfit. How about a glitter star dog tag? With these gold pieces from Mimi Green, your pup will be a show-stopper on every fashionable street from London to New York.

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