Meet my black son and grandpa


I am going to preface my post by showing you a recent photo of my grandfather and a recent photo of my son Noah.  I am also going to say that my grandfather is first generation New Mexican, but his family came from Mexico. Noah is Navajo Indian and New Mexican (Hispanic) and both he and my grandfather are SUPER dark complected. Okay, onto my post….

Noah woke up this morning to see a historic day in our country's history. Even at 8 years old he knew the great significance of this. Here is what his unblemished heart said:

Noah: "Mommy who won the election last night?"

Me: "Obama did baby."

Noah: "Yes! He changed history right?"

Me: "He did. Isn't it exciting?"

Noah: "Yes. Has anyone else other than Obama ever changed history Mommy?"

Me: "Everyday. Sometimes people do small things to change history, sometimes they do big things."

Noah: "Like when do they change big things?"

Me: "Well when Grandma and Grandpa were born black people couldn't even vote for President …"

Noah interrupting: "You mean Grandpa couldn't vote??!!"

Me laughing a bit : "No honey, Grandpa isn't black."

Noah in shock : "He isn't?? Are you sure? Because he looks like Barack Obama"

Me trying not to giggle: "Yes I am sure. He isn't black. If he were black then I would be and so would you."

Noah in extreme shock: "I am black!!"

Me really really trying not to laugh at him: "No honey, you aren't black you just have dark skin"

Noah looking down at his very dark arm: "But Mommy are you sure?"

Me: "Yes, babe, I am sure. You are Indian, it is different than being Black. Remember we have talked about how you are Indian." 

Noah with a very sad disappointed face: "Oh. But Mommy are you SURE Grandpa isn't Black?"

And then I spent the rest of the day smiling about how beautiful youth is. No one has polluted his brain, no one has killed his innocence. I wish he could just stay that way. 

But maybe this win tells us that people are putting race issues aside for the better good of everyone.   Really it doesn't matter if Noah is Indian or Black or white, nor does it matter what color Obama is. What matters is that we are all people and we all deserve to be seen for so much more than just the color of our skin. 

I am so glad that Noah got to feel a sense of pride this morning, I hope everyone did. Even if Obama wasn't who you wanted to win, we all did get so witness a great moment in our history and I think that it gives way for many more to come. We can all take pride in that.