Introducing… MImi Green Spring 2009!!

Okay, today is the day! We have some super cool new products and new relationships to tell you about!

One: New hand crochet flowers —

Nothing says Spring like blooming flowers!  These are totally washable, easily removable, and the best accessory Spring 09 has to offer..hehe…

Two: Our new line for Wagnolia Bakery — 4OFthem

Delicious times 10! Blueberry, Lemon, Strawberry and Tangerine all ready for your Spring 09 consumption. You can't get these on the MImi Green site, they are exclusive to Wagnolia Bakery and are offered in select retailers all over the country. Will keep you updated on where you can buy one!
So far, I know for sure that they are availible on Fun Dog Fred  and soon they will be on Wagnolia Bakery's site

Lets look at more flowers, they make me really happy 😉


You can buy them here– on Mimi Green — for $12.95

I am so happy, hopeful, and swept up with all of this! I love working with Pam at Wagnolia Bakery — She is so super creative and really stylish.  Pam is also the genius behind Haute Diggity Dog  who, I'm sure most of you know, has the GREATEST dog toys ever.

Okay, enough excitment for tonight! off to bed I go!

Oh yeah, and don't forget that we are doing .99 shipping and that you can still save 15% with lucky15 !!

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